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1 Introduction

Each module is a self contained toolkit with various functions.

One module (System Access Management) is required by all to provide user management services.

Each module works in isolation and also integrates seamlessly with numerous other modules.

For more information on the logical grouping of the modules please review The_Pillars_of_bxp

2 CM and CRM - Core

Icon Module Name Brief Description Module Detail Status RefId
038.png Form Management The building, editing and operational management of database forms for numerous modules Click Here Release 038
061.png Data Profiling For all instant and customised reporting on all types of forms Click Here Release 061

3 CM and CRM - Extension

Icon Module Name Brief Description Module Detail Status RefId
027.png Appointment Management Shared diary management with integration into all forms Click Here Release 027
024.png Case Management For time based management of cases or used as a ticket help desk solution Click Here Release 024
029.png Front Desk Contact management module for tracking missed calls, leaving messages for people and extension of reception services. Click Here Release 029
009.png Inbound Contact For logging of all new records Click Here Release 009
052.png Media Manager For capturing and reporting on all aspects of media campaign management. Click Here Release 052
012.png Outbound Contact For processing through pre-loaded records in a pure outbound or blended contact way Click Here Release 012
051.png Report Library For storage and auditable supply of pre-generated reports Click Here Release 051

4 eLearning

Icon Module Name Brief Description Module Detail Status RefId
047.png eCourse For accessing all eLearning materials in a Book, Chapter, Page format Click Here Release 047
048.png eCourse Management The building and management of all eLearning materials delivered through the eCourse module Click Here Release 048
041.png Testing Centre The delivery of tests, quizzes and examinations in open and closed question format Click Here Release 041
054.png Conference Centre An online chat tool, that uses text based communication to allow groups of people to collaborate (Synchronous conferencing) Click Here Release 054
058.png LogicFlow Logic management and decision tree tool to facilitate agent training and decision navigation Click Here Release 058
046.png Bulletin Board A phpBB style notice board engine Click Here Concept 046
010.png FAQ Management An FAQ engine available throughout bxp. Click Here Retired 010

5 Quality Assurance

Icon Module Name Brief Description Module Detail Status RefId
030.png Quality Assurance For all aspects of Quality Control delivery and Quality Management Click Here Release 030
060.png Survey Management For all delivery and recording of surveys Click Here Beta 060
055.png Voting Management For internal organisation voting and result collation and dissemination Click Here Release 055

6 Systems Integration

These modules are system wide and have potential uses in all configurations of bxp

Icon Module Name Brief Description Module Detail Status RefId
006.png Communications Centre Manage the sending of SMS, plain text email, rich text email and mail merges all with audit reporting. Click Here Release 006
056.png Control Bar Ability to add and manage quick system navigation links to the Main Menu. Click Here Release 056
049.png Dashboards Customisable dashboards using prebuilt information panes. Click Here Alpha 049
011.png Information Centre Notice board management with view and confirmed read reporting. Click Here Release 011
036.png KeyStats Customised reporting and wall-boarding tool Click Here Release 036
002.png MetaData For building macro type rules to be applied to data on an on-demand or scheduled basis Click Here Release 002
018.png Online File Storage Secure online USB Key for the whole organisation Click Here Being Retired 018
016.png System Access Management Security management, user management and audit reporting. Click Here Release 016

7 Resource Management

Icon Module Name Brief Description Module Detail Status RefId
023.png Human Resources Management For full view and management of users with integration to centralised HRM tools Click Here Beta 023
019.png Expenses Manager Centralised tracking of all expenditure by project Click Here Alpha 019
042.png Holiday Manager For centralised logging of holidays and their acceptance Click Here Concept 042
035.png Gamification Allows for gamification activities to be managed from a single source. Click Here Release 035
053.png Meeting Manager For setting and distributing agendas then recording minutes and action points with integrated work items Click Here Alpha 053
059.png Private Messenger Pure End to End encrypted messaging Click Here Concept 059
031.png PO Manager For centralised purchase order management with integrations to account systems Click Here Concept 031
050.png Project Manager For all project management and related integrations Click Here Concept 050
020.png Time Tracker Ability to log time by user and by project with centralised reporting and export functionality Click Here Beta 020

8 Concept

There are current a total of 63 modules in bxp. The concept modules will be released as appropriate.