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bxp software allows any size company to manage and organise an outbound campaign of customer contact of greater or lesser complexity with powerful data manipulation facilities. In addition any type of media such as call recordings, contracts and images can be attached to the customer record.

1 Input

Original records for outbound contact can of course come from numerous sources so we have made it very easy to load, for example, from an Excel spread sheet. Working with an existing list provider means that your campaign can be up and running in a matter of minutes. Other data sources could be email, SMS, MMS, letters, website forms or live data sources such as RSS or XML data feeds.

Combining with the inbound data capture tools means you can just as readily create blended campaigns.

2 Process

bxp software provides a number of distribution methods and also links with numerous forms of dialer including progressive and power dialing. Where a predictive dialer is available BE can also be integrated with it to provide intelligent scripting.

Custom groups within datasets can easily be identified and different groups can work on different sets of data within the one campaign. Live reporting enables managers to move operations from one queue to another with no technical infrastructure change.

With its integrated call back reminders, ability to reschedule call-backs and the ability to email and or SMS customers, BE makes the perfect outbound tool.

3 Output

The key element to any successful outbound campaign is the speed of response in sending calls to action. BE integrates with numerous systems and can push data in batch or real time to output to a variety of other systems. It can also simultaneously send customised email and SMS messages to customers. Cleaned data can easily be exported in a variety of formats making BE the perfect interface to wrap around numerous data systems.