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1 Support framework | SLAs

All n One understands the importance of good customer service and our support model reflects this.

We are in close contact with our client base and talk to them in depth about why they bought from us and why they stay with us. During one of these conversations, someone hit on the expression ‘adoption to addiction’ and this is a distillation of our approach to our customers. We are acutely aware of the fact that systems and applications are frequently bought to resolve a perceived issue and then never put to use: also known as the George Foreman Grill Syndrome.

We have addressed this risk in the first instance by ensuring that the client is completely happy with the system and is convinced of its business value before a contract is signed. We are not aware of any other similar provider that has such confidence in their product. In addition and when appropriate, we allocate a dedicated developer to work with the client, on site, until the system is bedded-in. Dedicated account managers also schedule regular conference calls.

2 System Champions

At the start of a roll out of bxp, we will request you appoint a System Champion. The System Champion will agree to review all relevant training material and be the internal point of contact for the company. In larger organisations there will be additional Champions. To date, one System champion per 250 users seems to be the norm.

Each System Champion will have an All n One Account Manager or Account Director allocated to them. Lines of communication between the two and levels of support will be clearly established at system inception.

3 Approved Contacts

Where a system champion is going to be the one who gets in contact with All n One and the bxp software support teams, they may not have permission to authorise paid work. Paid work is usually authorised by more specifically nominated contacts.

To facilitate the support mechanisms in bxp, every user in a client instance of bxp has a flag.

  • Is System Champion? True | False
  • Is Authorised Contact? True | False

You can see this flag here Create_a_User#Block_2_-_Primary_Contact_Details

When a user contacts support these flags will be used to determine the permissions and levels of support afforded to the person contacting.

4 New Developments

Central to our customer retention strategy is our desire to keep pace with the rapidly changing needs of our customer base. New functionality suggested to All n One (and which we can see would have broad appeal) is added as a project to the development queue. Developed projects which modify or enhance existing functionality are circulated to existing and potential clients by account managers or made available on our website.

This model of development means that clients enjoy many system upgrades at no additional cost. We do not take customer retention for granted and we continually strive to add value to our clients’ businesses.

For more information on our triage process please see Bxp_Support_Triage_Process

Where a request to support, is not an error or mistake, then development may need to be employed to provide a working solution. For more information on our development process and consultancy support please review Understanding_bxp_Development_and_All_n_One_Consultancy

4.1 Support Resources

There are a number of communication methods for getting support :

  • Phone based support (+353 1 429 4000)
  • Wikipedia articles (Wixi)
  • In System support (Help ME! and Suggestion Box)
  • White papers
  • Training courses (PDF documents)
  • Training courses (Ballymount Training Centre)
  • Training courses (Client site)

4.2 Support Contact Details

Operating Times: Ireland 08:30 to 17:30 Monday to Friday

Excluding Irish National and Bank Holidays