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1 Overview

bxp software (bxp) has been described as a Business Process Modelling and Management tool. It has numerous uses and can be applied in many different ways.

Over the last number of years of application bxp has been the solution to many challenges. This area of our Wixi provides links to articles which explore those solutions.

We get requests for new Scenarios on a very regular basis. If you see an In Development scenario you'd really like to know more about, let us know and we'll escalate it's development.

2 Scenarios

2.1 By Vertical

Article Description  
bxp for Process Owners and BPO management A business guide to what bxp bring to companies who outsource and for outsource companies themselves Strategybox 500.jpg
bxp for Telcos A guide showing how bxp has been used by numerous telecommunications companies successfully
bxp for the Financial Sector A guide showing how bxp has been used by numerous financial based companies successfully
bxp for Field Sales bxp is an award winning solution for field sales team. See the rationale for why bxp is the ideal field team choice.
bxp for Innovators A business guide to what bxp brings to the area of innovation
bxp for Home Working Enabling secure home working is now a more viable for companies. bxp ensures people work in real time no matter where they are.
All n One's from Idea to Reality A generic approach which provides the ability to turn ideas into working business models.

2.2 Contact Management (CM)

Article Description  
bxp as a ticketing system A step by step project management plan for creating a complete multichannel contact and ticketing solution 100%px
bxp and the post room It is possible to convert the post room to be completely digital. This scenario explores all the options for optimising the process for numerous size businesses.
bxp for Person-centric design A business guide to designing a centralised data solution for capturing one person's key data centrally but sharing it amongst campaigns
bxp and the evolution of the contact centre As a business grows they start with a few phone lines growing to full "follow the sun" contact centres. This scenario explains how bxp grows with you and is suitable for all size situations
bxp and Best Next Action Exploring the marketing and operational setup of how bxp can deliver end to end solutions for a perfect and evolving best next action system

2.3 Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Article Description  
bxp for Outbound Campaign Management Using bxp to manage an outbound campaign is often a very cost effective "quick-win". This scenario provides a step by step guide for the entire program and process. 100%px
bxp for Lead Generation and Pipeline Mgmt Sales pipeline management is often done in tools like If you need more than just simple list management find out what more you can do with bxp.
bxp for Membership Management bxp can run clubs and groups membership lists with various integrations to websites and social media. This step by step guide shows how.
bxp for Case Management Using bxp to manage cases can be a very effective solution. This scenario provides a step by step guide for the entire program and process.
bxp for Case Management - Worked example A worked example for the tools and application of the program is also available.
bxp and Social Media Social media is quite a challenging area. This scenario shows step by step how to engage with and manage social media for any organisation size or type through bxp.

2.4 eLearning

Article Description  
What is an eCourse An introduction to how eLearning is built and stored in bxp 100%px
How to build a test in bxp An introduction to how building tests and examinations in bxp
How to build eLearning content A general discussion on the major areas of getting eLearning content built
Developing training materials A content by content based discussion of different training material content development
bxp for Gamification Gamification offers an amazing way of incentivising and energising staff. bxp enables this possibility.
bxp for Career Pathing An overview guide to how bxp can provide some or all of the tools required for your career path development and management

2.5 Quality Assurance (QA)

Article Description  
bxp to create QA programs Designing a quality program can be a daunting challenge. Combining real world experience and the power of bxp makes the process far easier. 100%px
bxp moving from ScoreBuddy Overcoming the limitations of ScoreBuddy can be easily addresses by bxp and this step by step guide shows how you can drastically enhance your QA program.

2.6 Resource Management

Article Description  
bxp as a project management toolkit Project Management requires an extensive amount of tools to keep everything in order. bxp provides numerous tools to manage all aspects of a project. 100%px

2.7 Systems Integration

Article Description  
bxp and understanding phone systems An introductory guide to phone systems, components and how bxp can be integrated into solutions Pillar si.png
bxp and Data Warehousing A project approach to Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence solutions
bxp as a secure Website Data Store How bxp can be integrated with any website to provide secure data storage
bxp integration with a phone system Technical discussion on how integration with a phone system is as easy as popping a URL. This step by step guide gets into the detail and show you how for numerous phone system types.
bxp as a system wrapper How bxp can wrap around legacy technology to provide cost effective solutions without massive upgrade costs
bxp API - Call Me worked example Put a call me engine on your website and get in instant contact with your web based sales leads.
bxp and User Access Management For highly regulated businesses and business with tight security controls, User Access Management is a vital part of keeping the organisation compliant. Learn how with bxp this challenge is a few clicks away.

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