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1 Overview

  • Module Name: Information Centre
  • Icon: 011.png
  • Area: General

Primary Use:

Information Centre allows a central notice board of information to be used as soon as the user logs in. Unlike a general noticeboard though the audit facilities allow for tracking and further discussion of topics.


  • Easy Intranet creation
  • Guarantee message delivery using the confirmed read receipt policy for compliance and important message delivery
  • Using placeholder accounts is a free Intranet
  • Easily updated and managed by non technical users
  • Messaging engine allows it to keep people in the field / not logged into bxp up to date

2 Primary Functions

  • Add, Edit, Delete messages on the Latest News
  • Timed showing and hiding of messages
  • Show to all or grouped recipients
  • Report on all views of the messages
  • Using "Confirmed Read" enable tracking of who has read the message
  • Enable commenting on the message posted
  • Send grouped email messages to non-frequent uses of the system that a new message is to be read
  • Can be used as an RSS feed
  • Hide message when read to keep messages tidy

3 Articles

4 Features

The primary features are described here Information_Centre_-_Read_Confirmation

Please note that is possible to use dynamic replacements in the Information Centre using the -- notation. Information_Centre_replacement_fields

It is possible to use Information Centre as an Atom or RSS feed. Information_Centre_as_an_RSS_and_ATOM_feed

Opening up commenting to users allows message to become more engaged with Information_Centre_-_Commenting

As a new user is added to the system they be automatically displayed in the Information Centre for all staff to see. This new user message can be suppressed by changing the System Setting "Hide New User message from the Information Scroller"