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There are many tools currently available for managing inbound contact center activity, from paper sheets to fully integrated phone system solutions providing live reporting. bxp software provides the widest range of these tools and can also work live in a multi-site environment, even when the technology at each site is different.

The tools provided by bxp software include:

  • Script delivery and management tool with logic branching
  • Live graphical reporting
  • Live wallboards and visual display of targets on an individual and team basis
  • Integration with numerous phone systems, including Nortel, Avaya, Asterix, 3CX
  • Real time or batch integration with numerous back end systems
  • Ability to store any media within the customer record: letters, emails, contracts
  • Case management with productivity reporting
  • Calendar and appointment management with input from multiple agents

bxp software enables team-leads and operational managers to change scripts, add or remove questions and generate a wide variety of reports. At the same time we provide a technical content development team so you don’t have to build anything, just pick up the phone and we’ll build it for you.

The inbound contact suite of tools has allowed our clients to:

  • Completely remove wrap up time from any campaign
  • Search large volumes of data quickly; circa 2 million customer records per second
  • Integrate third party tools such as Satmetix NPS campaigns directly into scripts
  • Seamlessly integrate marketing campaigns via email and SMS
  • Reduce average call handling times by about 30%
  • Increase NPS scores
  • Reduce agent screen to one single interface with all information instantly available

bxp software inbound is real world tested in delivering:

  • Sales Campaigns
  • Field Sales
  • Customer Retention
  • Technical Support
  • Customer Care
  • Case Management
  • Data Input
  • and much else besides...