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1 Overview

The Dashboards module 049.png allows for prebuilt, predesigned panes of information to be collated into a single operational dashboard.

A user can have access to multiple dashboards.

2 Set up

A user starts by going into the Dashboards module and creating a Configuration.

This is key configuration information which will help bxp know where to retrieve the information. Each configuration is explained separately. You choose from Archetypes. Each archetype has different options. You can have more than one Archetype aimed at the same form. You can read more about these below.

With the Configuration done, a user refines the Panes they want in their Layout.

With the Layout sorted the dashboard can then be the first page you see when you log in. Alternately numerous dashboards can be created and accessed from anywhere in the system.

3 Archetypes

The following archetypes are developed in bxp

Archetype Focus Description Details
General Non module related For useful tools and widgets for your dashboard Dashboards - General
Pipeline Form Management Sales pipeline and sales campaign management Dashboards - Pipeline
FieldSales Form Management For field sales based sales programs Dashboards - FieldSales
CRM Form Management For Account Management and client development Dashboards - CRM
Membership Form Management For membership management solutions Dashboards - Membership
SupportDesk Form Management For help and support desk solutions Dashboards - SupportDesk
Outbound Form Management For outbound campaign management Dashboards - Outbound
Project Form Management For project management focused solutions Dashboards - Project
Quality Form Management For quality assurance and quality control focused solutions Dashboards - Quality
CTI Form Management For systems integration solutions and management Dashboards - CTI
Survey Form Management For marketing survey, Net Promoter Score and Customer Effectiveness Based score management solutions Dashboards - Survey
Marketing Form Management For marketing management solutions Dashboards - Marketing
HR Human Resource Management For HR focused solutions Dashboards - HR
Security System Access Management For security and system security focused solutions Dashboards - Security

4 Panes

Panes are designed and developed by the bxp team. There is an extensive amount of Panes prebuilt but if you want a new pane, or pane configuration changes this is done through the bxp Frameworks team.

The contents of the panes are rendered predominantly through FusionCharts engine.