The Pillars of bxp

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1 Intro

bxp software (bxp) is a modular solution. Each module offers tools of related functionality.

The modules are grouped into pillars for ease of understanding.

All of the pillars and associated modules are capable of running in isolation or integrated with each other.


2 Pillars

There are currently five pillars, which can be applied to every type of business.

The first pillar is about "reactive" contact. A customer will communicate with your business through a number of mediums: phone, email, fax, sms, mms, website, social media, post. bxp has a tool to be able to handle them all and provide a unified view of the communication. We refer to this as our Contact Management pillar.

Once you have managed your incoming contacts a business then wants to "proactively" get in touch with customers and clients. For every type of outbound proactive contact, through a variety of mediums the Customer Relationship Management pillar of bxp has tools to help.

The business now has processes and procedures. It become important to ensure that staff are familiar with the material and can use it effectively. For providing training and documentation on all products, processes and procedures involved in any process the eLearning pillar is a suite of useful tools.

Ongoing operational improvement naturally flows next where the Quality Assurance pillar provides tools for any process computer or real world based. Ideal for sampling and reporting on any interactions, providing quality control and integrating correct training and process / procedure documentation

Underlying this vast array of tools and capabilities is the Systems Integration pillar. All of the pillars share common functionality such as security management and system integration tools. This is the base pillar upon which all the others are built.

There are further pillars currently in development, many modules of which are already available:

  • Project / Resource Management: For For tracking, recording and managing all work related to projects
  • Resource Management: For all HR related requirements.

3 Development and Growth

bxp is constantly evolving and developing and so changes can be seen quite frequently. Tools within pillars and new pillars are being designed and built.

The status of a module is listed as part of the information below.

Pillar Status Description Colour Module Detail
Contact Centre Management (CCM) Release All forms of inbound contact management Blue Contact Management
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Release All forms of outbound contact management Blue Customer Relationship Management
eLearning Release Learning and development management Green eLearning
Quality Assurance (QA) Release Quality assurance and control tools Purple Quality Assurance
Systems Integration Release System and interface supporting tools Orange System Integration
Resource Management In Analysis Phase For project operation and management tools Yellow Project Management
Concept Theory only Future modules with no particular pillar yet Variable Concept

The modules are colour coded for convenience into a number of specific groupings for convenience.

There are many cross overs in role and colour has no significant bearing save to aid clear identification.

More information on all the modules of bxp can be found here The_Modules_of_bxp