Module - Voting Management

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1 Overview

The voting module allows opinion to be gathered quickly and easily. Votes can be presented to all users or to subgroups of users.

2 Structure

  • My Choices: Allows a user to search and manage their votes
  • Choice Management: Allows votes to be created and allocated
  • Vote Reporting: Provides different ways of reviewing the results

3 Creating a vote

Main Menu > Choice Management > Pose a Choice

Although there are many options, the key ones are the Title and Options lines at the top.

The title is the question to be asked.

The Options (separated by commas) are the values that will be presented for selection.

The opening and closing date and time will limit when the voting can take place with a pre-set default of seven days.

Allow Comments is off by default but can be turned on to allow for feedback.

Release Results presents back to those with permission to view the outcome of the voting and the group sub-option manages which users can see the message. By default the option will be None and this needs to be changed to allow the vote to be seen.

Custom selection of users to see a vote is also possible from the Voting Management menu in the Choice Management section.

All further options are used in specific scenarios and described in the inline help.

Type in a Title and Options. In this example we use

  • Title: Is this easy to use
  • Options: Yes, No
  • Group: All

Then click Add Choice.

If the default interface bars are used the voting bar will appear immediately at the top of every page. If custom menu bars are used menu bar 11 must be added to all the pages where you wish it to be seen.

4 Voting

The user clicks the bar and is taken through to the available votes.

Choose the required vote.

Cast the vote.

5 Vote Reporting

There are a number of search criteria you can use to manage reports.

Vote Reports – By Period uses the closing date of the vote to limit the votes that are displayed in the report.

There is an option text field in the setup of the vote called Category which can be used to delimit which votes appear in a report.

By Department, uses the security permissions of a department to limit who is included in the reporting.

By Keyword limits the votes to those where the keyword field has been used. This is similar to Category, but the flexibility allows for multiple matches to be made across multiple votes.

Listing the With Comments report allows for all votes with comments and all the comments to be displayed.