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1 Overview

  • Module Name: eCourse and eCourse Management
  • Icon: 047.png and 048.png
  • Area: eLearning

Primary Use:

eCourse Management allows externally developed eLearning and reference material to be stored and managed. eCourse allows that content to be searched and navigated in an auditable way.


  • Centralised auditable reference material delivery
  • Career path development using integrated testing
  • Compatability for numerous devices and technology combinations
  • Reduction of dependence on classroom based training
  • Secure Student View isolates operational work and still allows staff to study from outside of the work environment
  • Cross company manageble sharing
  • Vast amounts of support for media types
  • Ability to generate resellable training material into other bxp systems
  • The core of any compliance solution
  • Real-time updates for the entire organisation
  • Enables massive reduction on printing and paper-based material

2 Primary Functions

  • Create Books with Chapters and Pages
  • Every page comes with its own unique reference
  • Every page can have multiple reusable assets
  • Security available at a book, chapter and page level
  • Audit reporting on every book
  • Ability to apply stop point and support point tests

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