Module - Appointment Management

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1 Overview

The Appointment Management module 027.png has been designed to allow high volume contact management with appointment management without any dependence on any specific server diary technology.

Though there may be some ambiguity in the difference and application of Diary or Calendar, bxp chooses to use Diary as the descriptive word for recording appointments. For more discussion please see

Traditional diary management will use a Microsoft Exchange Server with Microsoft Outlook to allow for shared diaries which can cause costly licensing. Storing appointments and customer data in public data storage such as Google Calendaring or storage can result in data protection issues, with information being accessible to foreign governments.

Appointment Management is a secure, technology-independent, diary solution.

The module provides a number of features unique to bxp software (bxp).

2 Appointment and Availability

It is possible in scenarios where a person has "available time", to create availability. In turn, other users can create appointments in this availability. This allows for a person to manage their diary and only make available time that is free for others to create appointments in.

3 Appointments in a Process Flow

It is possible to push items into the diary from the Inbound Contact or Outbound Contact module, whilst pulling information from the record on screen. This ability allows an outcome to drive activity and create process flows which include appointments.