Module - Form Management

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The Form Management Menu is a core of bxp software (bxp).

Here, you will build campaigns/scripts within the bxp system from content provided by your company.

In Form – Primary Management, a user with permission can:

  • Add a campaign
  • Edit a campaign
  • Copy a campaign that has already been built
  • Search fields within a campaign
  • Set up an external campaign

Form Management allows users to build campaigns to capture any information you might want with no input from IT.

It has the tools you need to profile and update your client records so you can take steps to identify and retain the best of them and then acquire more like them.

The more information you have, the more ways you can manipulate your database and the more powerful a tool it will become.

Contact history could just be the salient points of a phone call or you can attach documents, emails and so on. A complete contact history can be seen at the click of a button and BE will automatically load-up your existing data base.