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1 Executive Summary

If you want to know more about bxp software and / or All n One, please read The_Basics

If you want to learn more about how bxp is used then please continue with the article below

2 Overview

Welcome to the bxp software (bxp) Wikipedia, which we call our Wixi. Start Here topics provide guided tours of bxp areas.

If you're using bxp for the very first time, start with this article Learning_bxp_-_Start_Here

If you want to learn more about how to use this Wixi to its full advantage Start_Here_Topics

Next you're going to want developing something. Our Scenarios go through loads of different scenarios to give you a guide Scenarios

If you'd like to get a bit more knowledgeable on the functional capabilities of bxp then this is for you The_Modules_of_bxp

If you have a very specific topic, just search for it using the search facilities in the top right corner of the window.

If there is an area you'd like to explore and research then try our Start Here guides. These areas are usually very broad in nature and the Start Here guide is to provide a round up of related articles.

3 System Area specific

Area Description Link
Forms Forms are primary data store of bxp with extensive customisability Link
Reporting bxp has extensive amounts of reporting Link
eCourses For primary element of the eLearning capability of bxp and all its associated articles. Link
Quality Assurance For all articles related to the Quality Assurance capabilities of bxp Link
Appointment Management bxp has a calendaring engine. Find out more here. Link
Case Management For all things case management related Link
KeyStats The dynamic reporting tool for all levels of the Information Systems pyramid Link
MetaData The macro engine of bxp Link
System Access Management The security engine of bxp Link

4 General

Area Description Link
Security The entire security of the bxp platform is a massive area of discussion Link
All n One For everything to do with the company All n One, creators and suppliers of bxp software Link
bxp Jargon For all the terms in bxp and what they mean Link
eLearning For all things eLearning within and external to bxp Link
Email Emails are a very powerful but can be very complicated medium. Link
User Profiling Exploring everything that is recorded about a user in bxp Link
Whitepapers Whitepapers are stand alone articles on various topics Link
Projects Projects describe operational change to various aspects of bxp Link
General Support For articles and guides written by the bxp support team for various IT related topics Link

5 Technical

Area Description Link
bxp API The primary Start Here is working with the bxp software Application Programming Interface Link
Interface Customisation For heavily customising the bxp interface Link
JavaScript Making the most of the most powerful client side programming language available Link
AJAX Within a Form in bxp it is possible to use AJAX Link
Becoming a bxp dev So you want to dev in bxp, definitely start here! Link
bxp and Systems Integrations For integrating bxp with other systems Link