Bulletin for bxp users - 2015-11-12

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1 Welcome

The bxp bulletin is aimed at bxp users and it provides a round-up of our news for the last week.

If you have any hints, tips or suggestions you'd like added to our newsletter please let us know. bulletin@bxpsoftware.com

2 New

2.1 Functions

061.png Custom Group Dates - In Data Profiling, If you’re building a custom group it can be useful for Worklists and Cross Linked lists to have dynamic dates in the queries. This article shows how to add these to your data group limiting.


048.png Book Overview Report now allows you to view a list of all users with access to a particular book and also which users have actually viewed the book.the book.


035.png Gamification - We have an updated scenario on how Gamification design and techniques can be implemented within bxp.


038.png Parent/Child Form Linking - bxp gives users the the ability to communicate with records stored in a form, in a parent and child structure.


000.png bxp Vs The Internet - bxp is a SaaS solution accessed via a browser so the speed and performance of your ISP can affect performance. To test your connection and spot any potential issues see the article below


3 Fixes

3.1 Logic

038.png We have improved the Excel form creation / load process. Stack auto sets to run, so no need to show Set Working Outcome as part of a sales pitch. Form builds and is ready to go instantly. Move Next Record bar also turns on instantly, which makes it easier for users to check that their data loaded. • Main Menu > Form Management > Form - Primary Management > Form - Create from Excel

038.png There has been a small modification to the Form Management console. If you use Question Management, the top Item ‘All Settings’ now shows all form settings. • Main Menu > Form Management > Form - Primary Management > Form - Edit

038.png Outcome editing is now even more useable. Listing shows all outcomes, sorted by live, then order, then by name alphabetically Wixi links have been added to show features of outcomes more easily • Main Menu > Form Management > Form - Outcome Manager > Outcome - Edit

020.png When you create a new project through the Time Tracker Module, you are automatically brought to the security part of ‘Add users to project’

  • Main Menu > Time Tracker > Management > Add Project

061.png 030.png The interval for generating Trend Reports is now remembered for next use

  • Main Menu > Data Profiling > Instant - Visualisations > Visualisation - Quality - Trending Report

000.png Rich text editor has now been updated to facilitate tags for putting in FLV / SWF objects.

4 Articles

4.1 New Wixis

Date Author New / Update Title Link Area
2015-11-06 PL Update Scenario - bxp Integration with a Phone System Scenario_-_bxp_Integration_with_a_Phone_System Scenarios
2015-11-05 PL New MetaData - Worked Example Nortel Report MetaData_-_Worked_Example_Nortel_Report MetaData
2015-11-05 PL New MetaData - Retrieve MetaData_-_Retrieve MetaData
2015-11-05 PL Update MetaData - Overview MetaData_-_Overview MetaData
2015-11-03 PL Update How fast is bxp? How_fast_is_bxp? About bxp
2015-11-03 PL New Interface - Building your own asset bar Interface_-_Building_your_own_asset_bar Interface
2015-11-03 PL New The I Want To bar The_I_Want_To_bar Interface

4.2 2015-10

Date Author New / Update Title Link Area
2015-10-23 PJ Update Interface Bars Interface_Bars Interface
2015-10-23 PJ Update Parent-Child Communications Parent-Child_Communications Communications
2015-10-22 TG New All n One Office Machine Scheduled Security Checks All_n_One_Office_Machine_Scheduled_Security_Checks Security
2015-10-22 TG New In-house server maintenance In-house_server_maintenance Security
2015-10-19 PL Update What is bxp What_is_bxp About bxp
2015-10-16 PJ Update JavaScript in bxp JavaScript_in_bxp JavaScript
2015-10-14 RC Update The Modules of bxp The_Modules_of_bxp About bxp
2015-10-13 DC Update FusionCharts FusionCharts About bxp
2015-10-13 DC Update Reporting - Security Reports Reporting_-_Security_Reports Security
2015-10-13 PL Update Key Stat - Workbook Key_Stat_-_Workbook Reporting
2015-10-12 DC Update Data Profiling - Instant - Visualisations Data_Profiling_-_Instant_-_Visualisations Reporting
2015-10-10 PL Update Outbound - Queue Communications Outbound_-_Queue_Communications Communications
2015-10-09 PL Update Scenario - bxp as a secure Website Data Store Scenario_-_bxp_as_a_secure_Website_Data_Store Scenarios
2015-10-09 PL Update Bxp API Bxp_API bxp API
2015-10-08 PJ Update Quality Support Options Quality_Support_Options Quality Assurance
2015-10-07 PL Update UK Government Cloud Security Principles UK_Government_Cloud_Security_Principles Security
2015-10-07 PL Update FusionCharts FusionCharts Reporting
2015-10-07 PL New CC-2-1 Security and Custom Interface configuration CC-2-1_Security_and_Custom_Interface_configuration Security
2015-10-06 PJ New BEmail ( Email-2-Campaign ) - Auto Send Receive BEmail_(_Email-2-Campaign_)_-_Auto_Send_Receive Communications
2015-10-04 PL New Ordering Outcomes Ordering_Outcomes Form Management
2015-10-04 PL New Outcome - Workflow Outcome_-_Workflow Form Management
2015-10-04 PL New Outbound - Queue Communications Outbound_-_Queue_Communications Form Management
2015-10-02 PL Update Scenario - bxp Integration with a Phone System Scenario_-_bxp_Integration_with_a_Phone_System Scenarios
2015-10-02 PL Update Form Add a Question Form_Add_a_Question Form Management

4.3 3rd Party Newsletters

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