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1 Overview

Queue Communications allows for group communication to be performed on a group that is being queued up for contact.

This facility allows, for example, a text message to be sent to a group of mobiles saying that a call is coming sometime soon to follow up on some event.

2 Previous manual process

This can be done via a Group send within the communications centre. The concept started as a manual process for a client but it would be a zero cost option (bar the price of the SMS if SMS used). In could be built as a step into an existing process.


Perform the following steps:-

  1. Set the Call Queue
  2. Navigate to the 006.png Communications Centre module
  3. Click SMS Sending > Campaign – Send a Campaign SMS
  4. Select the desired form
  5. Set the field that contains the mobile phone number
  6. Group the records to be the same as the ones added to the call stack (See image below)
  7. Click Group Recipients button
  8. Type in the message and click Send SMS

Queuecomms 001.png

  • Replace A with the desired status
  • Replace B with the desired number of attempts

3 Using Queue Comms

3.1 Enable Queue Communications

The option must be turned on for the form.

Main Menu > Form Management > Form - Primary Management > Form - Advanced Settings > Choose the form > Queue Communications

Queuecomms 002.png

  • Queue Comms Enabled: Enable Queue Comms engine.
  • Queue Comms Outcomes: Limit the outcomes available. If blank all outcomes displayed.
  • Queue Comms Arrival Outcomes: If a record comes in through the API, and matches, comms trigggered.

  • Enabled must be set to true.
  • The engine works by activating the communications functionality of an outcome. So if you want only specific outocmes to be available to the operators for communications, the second field allows limitation of outcomes to use. This can be used to reduce error.
  • If a new record arrives into the current stack and that group previous had a communication sent, then then new arrival, if it matches the current outcome and number of attempts will get the outcome selected activated upon it.

3.2 Using Queue Comms

When you go to set the queue ("Set the Current Working Outcome"), at the top of the screen there will a set of new options available.

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