MetaData - Worked Example Nortel Report

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1 Overvew

This is a worked scenario to demonstrate how MetaData can be applied to an Agent by Application Nortel report to make the data available for KeyStats and other reporting tools.

2 Development sequence

When building a MetaData program a general build approach can be adopted. This document has been built to follow the general steps in constructing a program. A worked example using a Nortel phone system report is provided to attempt to make easier to understand the stages involved. 

2.1 Preparation: Create the initial data source storage structure

Before you can do anything with the system you need to have a database to store the data in. If you’re using an existing database structure such as an Inbound, Outbound, Blended campaign or Testing Centre Exam or QA program, then you have a structure to work with already.

The easiest thing to do is to upload an Excel file manually and create the database structure from the upload. This is fine if your data source is an Excel spreadsheet. If you are working with other formats, convert them into a spreadsheet first. This is a suggestion but saves a lot of time and precision issues.

Main Menu > Metadata > Data Management > Create Database from Excel Data

You can view the loaded resulting data next to see how when the data has been cleaned up, it is represented in the system.

Main Menu > Metadata > Data Management > Data - Export

2.2 Retrieve

2.3 Input

2.4 Process

2.5 Output