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1 Overview

The KeyStat module is one of the most versatile modules in bxp.

It allows reports and other information to be generated from various databases and perform vast customisation of the returned data.

The main part of the module is the key stat workbook which stores all the individual tabs associated with a workbook.

2 Workbooks

Key stat work books only have a few fields and are used to display any tabs liked with that workbook.

  • Name - The name of the workbook
  • Tab Ids - The tabs that are associated with this workbook, these need to be the tab ids separated by commas i.e. 20,21,22
  • Extra HTML - Any additional HTML that needs to be drawn outside of the individual tabs
  • Refresh Rate - If the page needs to be refreshed, how long in seconds before the page needs to refresh i.e. 20. This will be 20 seconds
  • Turn Testing On - This feature turns on the testing lines for the Key Stats Workbook, this process will generate the report as normal but will add the testing lines to the bottom of the page. Please note that HTML errors caused by the users custom HTML code can effect the layout of the testing lines