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Click here for our Why Us brochure File:Bxp - Why us v5-1.pdf or the abbreviated Creds Deck version File:Intro Creds Deck v3-16.pdf

bxp software is a hosted software solution accessed via the Internet using a secure connection and divided into modules.

Each module is a suite of related functions and combining different modules, allows custom systems to be built easily, quickly and cost effectively.

bxp software (bxp) as hosted software has a number of key advantages:

1. It is accessible anywhere in the world, with complete security

2. Backups, updates and IT support are managed centrally

3. bxp is rented to the client; they only pay for what they need, when they need it

4. No cap-ex is required and IT involvement is minimal

5. Implementation of a new system has ‘same day’ turn around

In summary, no cap-ex and a turnkey process, makes All n One’s bxp software the perfect solution.

Hundreds of suggestions, thousands of man hours and millions of operational transactions have gone into bxp software to make it simple to use and all functions are designed to be ‘four clicks to complete’ wherever possible.

This wiki is intended to explain a lot of detail, background theory and potential setups of the system which belie its ease of use but we have to describe the power of bxp’s potential somewhere!

  • bxp is designed to be used by non-techs
  • bxp does not require IT to set it up
  • bxp is managed by users with BASIC computer skills

The simplicity of bxp is seen when it is used, the power of bxp is in the parts you don't see.

To find out more about how bxp is used by industries to solve their challenges Scenarios

Alternately you can find out more about our Pillars The_Pillars_of_bxp and their associated Modules The_Modules_of_bxp.