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1 Overview

Form fields are added using the "Add a Question" function.

2 Location

There are two ways to reach the capability.

  1. Main Menu > Form Management > Form - Primary Management > Form - Edit > Choose your form > From the console on the left side of the screen choose "Question Addition"
  2. Main Menu > Form Management > Form - Question Management > Question - Add > Choose your form >

Questionadd 001.png

3 Options

On the question add screen you will find a number of options available.

Question Type defines a question as open or closed. Open questions allow the user to enter any amount of data. Closed questions mean the user must choose from predefined options.

A basic type of field in bxp is one field, where only one value is required. E.g. Favourite colour, Gender.

A complex type of field in bxp is a combination of a number of basic fields. E.g Name, made up of Title, Firstname, Initial, Surname or Irish Address, Address 1, address 2, address 2, address 3, county, country.

bxp has many basic and complex types. Form_Question_Types

Question is the title of the field that will be shown to the end user.

Notes are reminders / in script notes which provide supplementary guidance to users.

4 Output

Example of questions in a script

Questionadd 002.png

  • Orange outline: Type: Section Header Question: Primary Contact Request
  • Green outline: Type: List/Menu Questions: Source
  • Blue outline: Type: Text Area Question: Description Notes: Please ensure you log as much detail as possible

Questionadd 003.png