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The I Want To bar is an interface bar in bxp. Interface_Bars

The bar is made of four sections.


Reminders are simple post-it note type reminders which are visible only in the users account. Reminders

My Details allows the user to update personal information and perform limited interface configuration changes to their own account. Bxp_-_Changing_my_details In Human Resources terms this is your Employee Self-Service portal if your company wants to use bxp this way. Employee_Self-Service_(ESS)

My Password enables the user to change their password at their discretion. How_To_Change_a_User's_Password

The Wixi is a Wikipedia style reference website which contains a wealth of information about BE. The Wixi is available at:

Suggestion Box allows the user to submit a suggestion to the BE Client System Champions and the support teams in All n One. Understanding_bxp_Support#Support_Resources

Help Me! Enables a user to request assistance and it automatically emails the client’s System Champion and the All n One support team. Understanding_bxp_Support#Support_Resources

An eCourse is a framework that delivers all kinds information of in the structure of a Book, with Chapters and Pages it can be easily searched, making it a useful reference resource. What_is_an_eCourse