Ordering Outcomes

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1 Overview

The order in which outcomes appear in reports, on screen and throughout bxp is a consideration for new forms and long standing forms. There are two general approaches.

2 Numeric Order

The numeric order function allows you to put a number beside the outcome from 1 to 100. Where the system has two outcomes of the same number it will alphabetically order the outcomes.

Setting the order is done from Main Menu > Form Management > Form - Outcome Manager > Outcome - Add or Outcome - Edit > Choose your form > Choose your outcome > Advanced Options > Order

3 Alphabetic Order

However when data leaves bxp or needs to be able to be sorted where the Order capability is not readily available then alphabetic sorting is preferable.

Imagine two outcomes

  • Callback
  • Not Interested
  • Sale

We want to have Sale as the first outcome, but alphabetically that can't happen. S is after C. Instead we simply prepend some numbers to the start of the outcome.

  • 3 - Callback
  • 1 - Sale

Now they will go into the order we want. A further challenge is if you have more than 10 outcomes. As this is a piece of text and not a number, the sorting will go as follows.

  • 1 - Sale
  • 10 - Demo outcome
  • 11 - Demo outcome
  • 12 - Demo outcome
  • 2 - Not Interested
  • 3 - Callback

To combat this we simply add zeros to the numbers. Quite often in bxp we add 000 as the basic format before an outcome to facilitate ordering.

  • 001 - Sale
  • 002 - Not Interested
  • 003 - Callback
  • 010 - Demo outcome
  • 011 - Demo outcome
  • 012 - Demo outcome