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1 Introduction

Forms are enormous part of bxp. Whilst they take less than 4 seconds to create the options and integrations linked with them are so extensive it can take years to learn to use them to their most powerful extent. This article helps you to navigate the primary areas of forms and their management.

2 Understanding Forms

The first thing to harness a form is understanding which one to use where. Bxp_Form_Types

Now that you know the types available you choose to build a form. Start_Here_-_Building_your_first_form

There are a number of modules associated with forms. Some are core and some are extensions. The_Modules_of_bxp#CCM_and_CRM_-_Core

To better understand the structure and the terminology of working with forms there is formal training on the area. Topic 3 CC-1-3 Introduction to Blended Form Structure in Contact_Centre_Training

At this point you should have a basic understanding of what a form is and what it used for. Now we can explore some of areas of a form in greater detail.

3 Questions

To add a question Form_Add_a_Question

Editing questions Form_Edit_a_Question

To understand more about the types of questions that can be added Form_Question_Types

There is a dedicated console to help make Question Management easier Console_-_Question_Management

When using a closed question (drop down list, check boxes or radio buttons) it can be helpful to have a mass editing facility for the items Mass_answer_editing_of_questions

For some scripts logic within the script is important to help people navigate the interaction Logic_Management

For specific types of forms, question weighting allows scores / weightings to be applied to each question answer Form_Question_Weighting

4 Tweaks

There are many ways to improve interaction with a form. Some of the major ones are:

Changing the fields that are displayed when using the lookup functionality Form_Search_Fields

Validating the script for spelling errors Form_Validation_Script

It is possible to colourise the form Form_Script_Background_Colours

Integration of documentation and training materials makes a form far more useable Form_-_Integrating_Documentation

Cross Linking forms allows for easier list and system management Form_-_Cross_Linked_setup

There is also a collection of Form related articles available from Forms_-_Support_Articles

5 Outcomes

A Form outcome is the single most powerful aspect of the entire bxp solution suite.

There is indepth review of what they do and how they work. Topic 5 CC-1-5 Introduction to Form Outcomes in Contact_Centre_Training

Further options are navigable from Form_-_What_is_an_Outcome

6 Integrations

bxp forms can be integrated with numerous other solution sets to make them very versatile data stores.

One of the primary exercises for integration is Field Mapping. Understanding_Field_Mapping

For all possible integration options Bxp_API

For integrating with a phone system Scenario_-_bxp_Integration_with_a_Phone_System

For use as a ticketing solution Scenario_-_bxp_as_a_Ticketing_System

For use as a secure web data store Scenario_-_bxp_as_a_secure_Website_Data_Store

7 JavaScript and AJAX

JavaScript provides a powerful dynamic engine allowing extensive customisation of a script to happen in real time. JavaScript_in_bxp

The most powerful and unfortunately most complicated of the JavaScript capabilities is called AJAX. Luckily we have a complete Start Here to guide you through AJAX in bxp AJAX_-_Start_Here

For a full list of our JavaScript articles please read here Category:Topic:JavaScript