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1 Types

bxp software has a number of different form types. Each type has it's own specific purpose. It is important to choose the right type of form for the activity you are performing.

All design and development of forms is done using the Form Management module 038.png. Working with the data within the form (i.e. day to day USAGE) is done through the corresponding module.

Type Description Module Details Link
Inbound For all forms of inward contact 009.png Contact_Centre_Training CC-1-3 provides detailed training
Outbound For all forms of outward contact 012.png Contact_Centre_Training CC-1-3 provides detailed training
Blended When in and out are used with the same data set 009.png 012.png Contact_Centre_Training CC-1-3 provides detailed training
Case Management Where time is the major factor of contact 024.png Contact_Centre_Training CC-4-4 provides detailed training
Exam For testing and eLearning purposes 041.png
Survey For surveys and questionnaires 060.png
Quality Assurance For quality control management 030.png Quality_Assurance_Training QA-1-3 provides detailed training
Project Management For project management task and activity storage 050.png

2 What to use where

You can find out more about the different types by clicking the link types after each of the above items.


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