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bxp forms have the power to allow numerous scripting and documentation options integrate seamlessly with a script. This article discusses some of the options avialable.

1 Opening Instructions

The opening script appears at the top of the form. You can put in a standard opening script as to how you would like a person to use the form.

ScriptingOptions 001.png

Main Menu > Form Management > Form - Primary Management > Form - Edit > Choose your form > From the console on the left Vertical Delivery Options > Opening Instructions

The opening script can manage dynamic replacements. If you use the -- field replacement notation you can achieve dynamic opening scripts.

  • --period--
  • --firstname--
  • --surname--

So if you were to use "Good --period--. My name is --firstname--. How can I help?" it would appear as.

ScriptingOptions 002.png

You can go even further and dynamically pull information from a field in the script. Please note that this approach only works if there is data in the record already. There is a worked example here Form_Vertical_Layout_Options

2 Dial Out Instructions

When working on an outbound campaign, it can be necessary for agents to remember to perform certain actions when dialling out. e.g. put 9 or a special code in front of the number.

For this reeason there is a dedicated outbound dialling instruction scripting option.

ScriptingOptions 003.png

3 Closing Script and Outcome Scripts

At the bottom of the script you may wish to present reminders to the agent as to how to finish the contact. A static script appears at the bottom here:

Main Menu > Form Management > Form - Primary Management > Form - Edit > Choose your form > From the console on the left Vertical Delivery Options > Closing Instuctions

It also allows dynamic -- replacements.

It may be more prudent to change the message depending on the outcome that is selected. Each outcome can cause the closing script to dynamically change. No outcome means a blank closing script. Chosing an outcome displays the appropriate closing script.

ScriptingOptions 005.pngScriptingOptions 006.png

4 Notes

Each question in the script can have their own notes added. By clicking the pencil icon to the right of the quesetion you can edit the question and add notes

ScriptingOptions 007.pngScriptingOptions 008.png

5 eCourse Reference

It is also possible when editing a question to include the reference from an ecourse page. ECourse_-_Reference_Code

When you include the reference code a small button appears to the left of the question it was added to. This button will always open the reference material in a new window.

ScriptingOptions 009.pngScriptingOptions 010.png

6 External Reference

If you prefer to link in material from an external website you can do that as well. Just using the URL of the external material. This can also be a reference to a network drive or Intranet page.

ScriptingOptions 011.pngScriptingOptions 012.png

The external reference will always be the top button if there are two buttons.