Contact Centre Training

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Contact Centre training is how to use bxp software within the contact centre environment.

Our training courses available are:

1 Level 1

Topic Code Title Link Document
Topic 1 CC-1-1 Introduction to bxp software CC-1-1_Introduction_to_bxp_software [1]
Topic 2 CC-1-2 Introduction to Contact Centres [2]
Topic 3 CC-1-3 Introduction to Blended Form Structure CC-1-3_Introduction_to_the_Blended_Form_Structure [3]
Topic 4 CC-1-4 Introduction to Contact Centre Reporting [4]
Topic 5 CC-1-5 Introduction to Form Outcomes [5]

2 Level 2

Topic Code Title Link Document
Topic 1 CC-2-1 Security and Custom Interface configuration [6]
Topic 2 CC-2-2 Data import management Form - Data Import
Topic 3 CC-2-3 Outbound contact management [7]
Topic 4 CC-2-4 Data Profiling - Custom reporting (CC) [8]
Topic 5 CC-2-5 Logic management Logic Management

3 Level 3

Topic Code Title Link Document
Topic 1 CC-3-1 System security management Security - Start Here
Topic 2 CC-3-2 Form optimisations Quality checks
Topic 3 CC-3-3 Learning and Knowledge Base Integration Form - Integrating documentation
Topic 4 CC-3-4 Mailbox and Social Media integration CC-3-4 Mailbox and Social Media Integration
Topic 5 CC-3-5 Project management and work list configurations Scenario - bxp as a Project Management toolkit

4 Level 4

Topic Code Title Link Document
Topic 1 CC-4-1 Managing live contact records File:CC-4-1 - Managing live contact records v1-2.pdf
Topic 2 CC-4-2 Linked form setup Form - Cross Linked setup
Topic 3 CC-4-3 CTI Integration Scenario - bxp Integration with a Phone System
Topic 4 CC-4-4 Case management & reporting File:CC-4-4 - Case Management and Reporting v1-1.pdf
Topic 5 CC-4-5 Centralised record management Scenario - bxp and Person-centric design

5 Level 5

Topic Code Title Link Document
Topic 1 CC-5-1 Unified communications and program design
Topic 2 CC-5-2 Muti-Form program design
Topic 3 CC-5-3 First call resolution program design
Topic 4 CC-5-4 Integrated marketing and case management design
Topic 5 CC-5-5 Security process and procedure considerations