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1 Overview

This is a dedicated console for advanced question management options. It contains a different set of options that relate specifically to question management.

The console is separated into three sections: Form, Questions and Outcomes.

2 Section one

This section allows you to change the primary options of a form and change the search fields and field mappings. You can learn more about these options by clicking here:
Questionmanagement one.png

Section one also allows a user to add or look up a record.

3 Section two

Section two gives the users options to re-order their questions as well as edit and create questions. Question re-order allows you to change the layout of the form and present the questions in whatever order you like, a user can also hide questions from appearing on the form. There are also options to modify the answer values of questions with dropdown lists or checkboxes. A user can add options to a dropdown or a question with any kind of check boxes/radio buttons.
Questionmanagement two.png

4 Section three

This section has options to add, edit and copy outcomes for your form. Outcomes are used to perform certain actions whenever a record is saved to a form. You can learn more about outcomes by clicking here:

You can learn more about outcomes by clicking here:
Questionmanagement three.png