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An outcome in bxp software (bxp) however is the single most powerful activity within the entire system.

At it's simplest an outcome is a disposition code / a word to describe how the contact or activity finished.

An outcome can also perform a number of functions to remove post activity work and optimise business processes.

An outcome apart from recording how the contact finished can also be used to initiate activity as well.

An outcome has some key functionality:

  • Custom scripting to provide feedback to the agent as to what will happen next
  • Setting call backs
  • Setting appointments
  • Sending Text Messages / Emails to Internal Departments
  • Sending Text Messages / Rich HTML Emails to Customers and External Parties
  • Sending Text Messages / Rich HTML Emails to Other Parties
  • Validating the content of the data to prevent use before the data is right Form_-_Outcome_Validation
  • Allowing custom data tidy and execution using JavaScript rules
  • Instantly transferring data to other systems including
    • Realex Payments
    • Other Systems
    • Other Forms within bxp
  • Mail Merging to allow printable / PDF store-able documents. Form_-_Outcome_-_Mail_Merge

Outcomes also provide the wording for numerous reports and how reports are presented.

For full training on outcomes and how to play with them please read CC-1-5 in our training section Contact_Centre_Training