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1 Overview

eCourses are the key to eLearning in bxp. There are books with chapters and pages as you would pick up from any shelf in a library.

The primary differences of an eCourse though is that:

  • the content can be shared between books,
  • content is easily centrally updated and
  • instantly available and shareable to the entire organisation securely

There are a host of articles in the wixi to support eCourses and associated functionality. This Start Here guide provides all the major links.

The two primary reads are:

Now that you have the general concepts we have a host of articles on these areas.

2 Basic Functions

2.1 Book

2.2 Chapter

2.3 Page

2.4 Asset

2.5 Security

3 Advanced Functions

3.1 Tests and Examinations

3.2 Searching

3.3 Data

4 Examinations

As with any training examinations are important to validate that the training has been retained.

Here are a number of articles to help with Examinations

Start by building a test : Examination_-_Building_a_Test

Tests can be open or close : Form_Examination_Types

There are a number of configuration options available for tests:

There is a dashboard of reports available for examinations [[Dashboard_-_Reporting_-_Examination]

Generating reports on progress is very easy in bxp :