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1 Introduction

eLearning is an enormous area of training and development. Using computers to deliver training is the essential element of eLearning.

It is difficult to talk about eLearning without also discussing the key elements of training.

2 General Introduction

We have a general introduction to the entire area of eLearning File:LD-1-2 - Introduction to Learning and Development v1-1.pdf

As a general project approach to develop material here is a step by step Link

The for each of the types of training there are better / worse approaches. Scenario_-_Developing_Training_Materials

Now in terms of styling content

If you're interested in the tools we have used and recommend. Web_Development_Tools#eLearning_Tools

To understand more about Webinars Webinars

3 Training videos

Here are some useful external training videos that may be of use

  • PowerPoint to Video [1]
  • Captivate to capture video screen [2]
  • Captivate quizzes [3]
  • Sparkol Intro [4]
  • Screen capture and video conversion [5]

4 Useful articles

Further articles on the area :