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This section allows you to add a chapter to the eBook that you are editing.

By clicking the Chapter - add button you will be redirected to a form where you fill out the information and bxp software will generate a chapter for you. The text fields to fill in are:

Title : Allows you to choose the title of the page.
Key Summary : This section allows you to add notes to the chapter
Footer Line : This field will create a footer for you. So information in this section will appear on every Page in the Chapter
Table of contents Colour : Gives you the option to change the colour to highlight the line in the Table of Contents
Sort order in chapter : This allows you to choose where the chapter should appear in the book.
Support point test : This allows you to select a test that will help the user revise this material.
Stop point test : This will let you nominate a test that the user must complete before viewing the material.
Display limiting : This allows you to choose weather or not the chapter should be available to use. It does this through 3 options. choose weather the book should be displayed or not. Choose the date when the chapter will be visible. Choose a date when the chapter will no longer be visible.