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In this section of the eCourse management dashboard it will allow you to edit a chapter in your eBook.

After clicking the Chapter - edit section you will be redirected to a list of all the chapters currently in your eBook.

Then select the chapter that you wish to edit and click the select button at the bottom of the page.

Upon arriving at the edit chapter page you can now edit the multiple sections of the chapter which include:

File:eCourse Chapter 001.png

Title : Allows you to edit the title of the chapter

Key Summary : This section allows you to add notes to the chapter

Footer line : This field will create a footer for you. So information in this section will appear on every Page in the Chapter

Table of contents colour : Gives you the option to change the colour to highlight the line in the Table of Contents

Sort order in chapter : This allows you to choose where the chapter should appear in the book.

Support point test : This allows you to select a test that will help the user revise this material.

Stop point test : This will let you nominate a test that the user must complete before viewing the material.

Display limiting : This allows you to choose whether or not the chapter should be available to use. It does this through 3 options. choose whether the book should be displayed or not. Choose the date when the chapter will be visible. Choose a date when the chapter will no longer be visible.