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1 Overview

The area of Quality Assurance is a huge aspect of everything All n One as a company does and as the bxp platform provides. We have extensive documentation on the area. This guide provides an outline of the key articles to bring to your attention.

The most important part is to read the two primary training guides provided on the are.

Topic 2 QA-1-2 Introduction to Quality Assurance File:QA-1-2 - Introduction to Quality Assurance v1-2.pdf

Topic 3 QA-1-3 Introduction to QA Form Structure File:QA-1-3 - Introduction to QA Form Structure v1-1.pdf

Our QA scenario then provides a good step by step to building your QA program : Scenario_-_bxp_to_create_Quality_Assurance_programs

For some of the history about where QA came from QA_Planning_Discussions

This was supported by some public questions and answers Development_FAQs_-_Quality_Assurance and also the targets that were agreed upon Development_Targets_of_Quality_Assurance_build

2 Functional specific articles

There are two categories of articles which can scanned through

3 Support articles