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1 Welcome

Welcome to bxp software from All n One. This article serves to answer some of the basic questions about our product, our services and our company.

1.1 Who

Who are the people involved in bxp, well, meet the team

We also operate numerous educational and work placement programs. Find out more here.

1.2 What

There are two primary offerings to what we do as a company

  • bpx the software
  • All n One the consultancy arm

bxp is a platform on which bespoke business processes can be built. These proceses then can work stand-alone or integrate into exisitng bigger processes. bxp allows non-technical staff to design, build, operate and refine processes without the need to have dedicated technical skills such as computer programming. What_is_bxp

All n One have been in operation for over a decade and the many decades of experience and technical skills in house, allow us to be able to provide support in all areas of business processes. So if you have a question about any business process, we can engage in any stage from concept and project planning through to putting in place quality assurance and compliance plans. If you don't have the time or the desire to do something, All n One are here to help and support. Understanding_bxp_Development_and_All_n_One_Consultancy

1.3 Where

bxp is pure software as a service which works globally through any Internet browser. Delivery_Format

Development is done in our secure development environment in Ballymount, Dublin 12. Bxp_-_Ballymount_Security

Our service is located in ParkWest in Dublin. Bxp_software_in_Sungard

We have an office in London from which we also operate.

1.4 Why

Originally from a business process outsourcing backgrounds, Nick Wheeler, having set up TMS in the 80s and selling that to Sitel International in the 90s, know what it is to manage business processes on behalf of clients.

Nick would regularly convince clients that he and his call centre team could run a sales department or customer care department better. Clients including Microsoft, Halifax, Capital 1, Baileys and many others trusted Nick, with their customers.

Time and again, when Nick won business he would bring it back to the operational team and go... right... build this and get it going.

Philip Lacey being of a very technical background, noticed in 2004 / 2005 that it would be possible to build a tool set for a call centre that would enable the staff (not the IT deparment) to build business process management tools. Being able to set up an operational campaign in minutes, down from many days. The tool would also provide all the reporting and support tools that previously could take weeks to build or take many hours for staff to do by hand.

Philip pitched the idea to Nick and his business partner Chris Thomson in 2005. Setting up a call centre in the Ballymount facility providing bpo services, the software was tested on a live opreation. In 2008, it was so successful in delivering operations, that two call centres adopted it as a solution within 2 months of its public launch.

bxp has evolved over the last number of years to become an even stronger toolkit for any business to use on managing business processes.

1.5 When

For our full release history Release_History

1.6 How

bxp is a platform which means there are many aspects to how bxp works, how bxp is used and learning your way around bxp. We provide our Wikipedia called our Wixi to document many aspects

For business related applications of bxp please use our Scenarios Scenarios

For all operation of the platform, please use our Start Here guides Start_Here