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1 Overview

System Access Management (SAM) 016.png is the primary security engine of a bxp system.

SAM has the same primary functions of adding and editing users as any other system but it also contains the master configuration settings for an instance of a bxp system.

This start here guide provides links to the primary articles relating to security.

2 Background

Security of the system revolves around some basic understanding of the key concepts of the system.

Firstly what is bxp What_is_bxp

Then for reference we provide a "Jargon" guide Bxp_Jargon

You will need to understand the key concept of function vs. content : Function_Vs._Content

The system you have will have access to a number of modules : The_Modules_of_bxp

A first use tutorial will provide users with a basic introduction to the interface First_Use_tutorial

For an indepth discussion of EVERYTHING security related to bxp try our Security - Start Here guide Security_-_Start_Here

3 The basics

First thing to do is usually create new users Create_a_User

Users are never deleted in the system, they are retired. In this way, historic data is never lost. Retire/Unretire_a_User

Placeholder accounts are free accounts with limited functionality. Placeholder_Accounts

There are a lot of security settings which can be applied for various configurations. These are detailed here CC-2-1_Security_and_Custom_Interface_configuration

4 System Settings

The interface of bxp is made up of Interface Bars. This allows very custom configurations of the interface. Read We are Beautiful here Interface_Bars

A basic option is to rename the modules and system keywords for your system Renaming_Modules_and_System_Keywords

bxp and its style sheets can be heavily customised. Here is more information Styling_bxp_-_Start_Here

5 Reporting

There is an extensive amount of reporting available for the security of the system Reporting_-_Security_Reports