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1 Overview

Firstly thank you for wanting to learn bxp. Now this guide will direct you where to go on your learning journey on where to start.

It can seem a bit confusing at first but bxp is very straight forward to use, however like everything "simple" there is a lot to get it there.

This guide provides jump offs to articles to help your journey.

So where to start

1. In order to use bxp you need an instance of bxp for you to play with. {Here is what happens at the start if you're interested. Bxp_-_Deployment_Planning}

2. Ok, so now you have an instance of bxp, you need for someone in All n One to send you a welcome email, so you can log in. This will contain a link to your system, your username and your password. Now your adventure begins.

3. On your first login you'll have to change your password and then you'll go through the First Use tutorial. First_Use_tutorial

4. After working through the tutorial you'll drop to the main menu, now you can go anywhere you like.

5. So you want to learn a bit more. All of the background basics are available here in our full introduction CC-1-1_Introduction_to_bxp_software

2 Next steps

We suggest you go back to the Start Here area at the beginning of the wixi for a guide on where to explore next Start_Here

So by now you realise there is a lot you can do. Why not let us customise your journey and get you straight to the bits you want. Just give us a shout on +353 1 429 4000 for Ireland or +44 207 692 0705 for the UK and we'll help you through. If it's out of hours email us at support@bxpsoftware.com and we'll get straight back to you.

Again, thanks for using bxp.