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1 Overview

Reporting is an essential part of every software as a service solution. bxp software (bxp) is no exception and offers a huge amount of reports both instant and customisable.

Reports in bxp software (bxp) come in a variety of forms appropriate to the area they are in.

This page provides the initial links to navigate the areas.

The primary areas to navigate are

  • Security Reports
  • Form Reports (for all your data)
  • eCourse Reports (for all your eLearning reports)
  • Module specific reporting (reports specific to modules)
  • Custom reporting options

For all of our reporting articles [1]

2 Security Reports

For a full breakdown on available security reports please review Reporting_-_Security_Reports

3 Form Reports

A detailed discussion on reporting is available in our formal training which goes through all reports and options available for Forms. Please read CC-1-4 Introduction to Contact Centre Reporting Contact_Centre_Training

Reports for all Forms is accessed through the Data Profiling module. Reports come in an instant (canned) reporting format, where All n One have designed and present the most common ways we have been requested to present data. The other option is to use Customised reports. Customised reports allow you the user to define the groups within the data that you're interested and present that information back in the most appropriate format.

To further speed up interacting with the data, we have designed a number of Dashboards to collate the most frequently used reports by operation. Reporting_Dashboards

4 eCourse Reports

For all our training documentation on the area of eLearning and its associated reporting Learning_and_Development_Training

One of the most feature reports available in this area is the primary career path report Examination_User_Progress_Report_Visualisation

5 Module specific reporting

6 Custom reporting options