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1 Overview

Ok, so you want to do some development in bxp. Where do you start, what tools do you need... where next?

This guide is an outline setup of what we do in the office to get ourselves ready for interns, new hires and helping our clients enter the exciting and interesting world of bxp development.

2 System setup

Firstly you'll need a laptop, pc or mac. Tablets and phones can be used but don't really help for big dev.

There are a set of tools that can be handy, it all depends on what you're trying to accomplish Lets start with our dev tools.

  • Web dev software: Dreamweaver (Currently CC as its the only one that works on Windows 10)
  • Notepad ++ : For JavaScript and oh so many other reasons
  • Outlook: Emailing the team and getting help is always vital
  • Browsers: Get as many as you can of the heavy weights for testing. Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera.

You can use our tools page for links to get these. Web_Development_Tools

3 Reading

There is a fair amount of reading to get you going. bxp is a BIG platform to learn. Use the Start Here guides to get you going. Start_Here_Topics

We are developing this guide so check back often for updates.