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1 Overview

We have numerous clients now examining how bxp software integrated eLearning, operational delivery and self directed learning plans greatly enhance QA delivery.

This guide shows how data exported from existing Score Buddy QA programs can be easily imported into bxp software.

2 User Setup

These steps should only ever have to be done once.

2.1 Step 1. Make sure all people being assessed are in the system

Ensure the users are created

If not

  • Create department
  • Use template for all users
  • Make them placeholders

2.2 Step 2. Make sure all assessors are in the system

Ensure the assessors are created

If not

  • Create department
  • Use template for all users
  • Make them placeholders

2.3 Step 3. Make sure all coaches are in the system

Ensure the coaches are created

If not

  • Create department
  • Use template for all users
  • Make them placeholders

2.4 Step 4. Check the exported data for anomolies

In the sample data we have worked with the date values were not consistent. These need to be correct for sense purposes.

Some examples: From score date [column 3]

  • 05/02/2002 17:56:00 All the data was supposed to be for Weeks 2 to 16 of 2014?
  • 2014-01-28 1615 : missing from time, cannot be processed as a date
  • 2014-01-10 936 Guessing that there is a leading 0 missing from in front of the 9 and :
  • 2014-01-17 10 Guessing the :00 was dropped from the end somehow

3 Score Buddy field mapping work

3.1 Duplicate column name in data

Correct column 3 "Score Date" and change to "Created DateTime" Columns in spreadsheet.

  • Employee
  • Type
  • Created DateTime
  • Group
  • Reference
  • Evaluator
  • Team
  • Supervisor
  • Score Date
  • Max Score
  • Total Score
  • Percentage

3.2 Flag loaded records

Add a column to the spreadsheet Source System. Populate down with ScoreBuddy

3.3 Field mapping

There are seven fields which must be mapped.

Field Mapping

  • Employee filed_0_X
  • Type Not used
  • Created DateTime field_2_X
  • Group Not needed as Campaign gives this
  • Reference field_12_X
  • Evaluator field_1_X
  • Team Not needed – organogram / department
  • Supervisor Not needed – organogram / department
  • Score Date field_4_X
  • Max Score Not needed – calculated by system
  • Total Score Not needed – as score is calculated from form.
  • Percentage field_7_X
  • Source System _ (future use)

4 Load the data

Using the corrected raw data and the mapping in place:

Main Menu > Form Management > Form – Data Import > Load Data Records – Add Only – Upload File

Set the system to add a CCL for each record uploaded, for audit purposes.

Verify your seven fields do match and will transfer.

Ensure at the end, your record count matches.  

4.1 Clean the Quality Header data

The data from ScoreBuddy is not compatible with BE in its raw state.

There is a cleaning function which will tidy them automatically.

Main Menu > Form Management > Form – Data Cleaning > Quality – Clean – Quality Header fields

At the end of the process the amount should match your loaded records.

If the system has not been able to match any accounts, the names of the people not matched will be displayed in a comma separated list on screen. Please create placeholder accounts for each of these users.

5 Completion

You now should be able to perform all of your trend reporting within BE on all of the data that was made available.

N.B. Please note that if you rescore the data no scores will change, as no scoreable questions are selected. However if you update any of the questions within the scripts, the system may recalculate the score. The most effective prevention of this is to enable Score Locking and release the records. This will lock the score permanently.