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1 Overview

Title: Project: Enable

First presented 2008-12-17

This scenario outlines an end to end process for companies to be able to roll out decentralised or "home" working. Contained here is a complete system for home workers and those who would otherwise have trouble working from an office and their effective interaction with existing company infrastructure.

2 Project Descriptions

  • “An effective solution for Home workers”
  • “Enabling working mothers to return to the workforce”
  • “Providing Industry and Commerce overhead free Expansion potential”

3 Project Focus

How to empower companies with the ability to engage staff who aren’t necessarily able to be in an office, without massive IT expense and technical upheaval.

4 Acronyms and Abbreviations

  • 3G: Third Generation, a form of mobile Internet access
  • BE: Business Express
  • MMS: Multimedia Messaging Service, more commonly called “Picture Messaging” from mobile phones
  • PBX: Public Branch eXchange (Phone system)
  • POTS: Plain Old Telephone System or PSTN
  • PSTN : Public Switched Telephone Network
  • SMS: Simple Messaging Service, more commonly called “Text Messaging” from mobile phones

5 System delivery outline

There are two key parts to the solution, Agent System Configuration and Server Systems Configuration.

  • The Agent System Configuration is the setup and configuration that allows a person work from any location with just a phone line.
  • The Server Systems Configuration is how bxp interacts with existing company infrastructure or provides a complete framework and infrastructure for companies without any infrastructure already.

5.1 Agent System Configuration

There are two parts to a system roll out, data and associated phone calls.

The data is securely delivered using the bxp platform.

The phone call is digitally captured, recorded and uploaded using a telephony platform.

At a server level, the telephony platform and bxp systems communicate to combine phone and data information, making the information available as a central resource in bxp.

Workingfromhome 001.png

5.2 Server Systems Configuration

bxp offers a number of models for systems integration and a variety of levels to suit all IT models. There a number of general model types, Outbound contact model, Inbound contact model and the Omnichannel-contact type model.

5.2.1 Outbound contact model

Using the "Form Management" module and the "Outbound Contact" module, an agent chooses "Make an outbound contact" and is presented with the next record in the contact sequence.

Workingfromhome 002.png

5.2.2 Inbound contact model

Using the "Form Management" module and the "Inbound Contact" module and the call routing ability of a client’s phone system, a call is forwarded to a home worker who can then manage the call as if they were in a contact centre.

Workingfromhome 003.png

5.2.3 Omnichannel-contact type model

Using the "Case Management" module, work is queued up ready for a home worker to be assigned to, or decides to take the next available contact.

Work items are generated in a number of ways.

  • Directly create a task by logging the details by hand, which is ideal for postal processing. (Or using the mailbox reader engine in Task Management, where emails are converted to Tasks for action.)
  • Allowing a phone system digitally record a call, attach it to an email which is sent to an email box.
  • Allowing a phone system or equivalent, attach a fax to an email which is sent to an email box.
  • An SMS is converted by a provider to an email, which is sent to a mailbox.
  • An MMS is converted by a provider to an email, which is sent to a mailbox.
  • Emails can be mailed into the mailbox directly
  • Web forms can generate emails, which are sent straight to the mailbox.

Workingfromhome 004.png

6 Team Member Profiles

There are a number of advantages of using Business Express for particular groups.

6.1 Speciality agent with family commitments

The “Enable” model allows speciality workers, who through personal / home commitments are unable to attend an office, still work effectively as part of a team.

Task management allows work items to be managed properly. Also the communications tools allow live team interaction and development of knowledge bases to reduce delays due to lack of information.

6.2 Agents with hearing difficulties

The “Enable” model allows workers who’s volume requirements would make it impossible in a shared office environment. Working from home or private room is now possible with communications tools inbuilt into BE providing a “part of the team” feel no matter where the team member is.

6.3 Agents with visual difficulties

The “Enable” model is built using XML and CSS compliant web pages. This allows web browsers change the size of the text dynamically without affecting any of the functionality. So no matter the visual impairments team members can read the screens.

For team members who are blind, the system has been built with screen readers in mind. This allows members work from home and the screen reader would provide a verbal description of the work details on screen.

6.4 Agents with mobility difficulties

If simply getting to the office is the greatest challenge the "Enable" model, nullifies this difficulty. Access securely via the Internet means team members can work from anywhere.

7 Suitable Work Models

Phone Answering Services

  • Product Information Request
  • 800 Answering Services
  • Medical Answering Services
  • Application/Claim Processing
  • Billing Queries
  • Customer Retention
  • Order Taking
  • Sales Closure
  • Up-Selling & Cross-Selling
  • Troubleshooting Products & Services


  • Telemarketing
  • Prospecting
  • Product Launches
  • Appointment Setting

Credit Management

  • Credit Authorization
  • Credit Verification
  • Collection

Verification Services

  • 3rd Party Verification
  • Insurance Verification
  • Employment Verification

Market Research

  • Significance & Techniques
  • Research Surveys
  • Opinion Surveys
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Inbound Telesales

  • Outbound Telesales
  • Cross-Sell And Up-Sell Programs
  • Order Taking And Catalogue Sales
  • Database Cleaning And Updating
  • Lead Generation
  • Application Processing
  • Customer Surveys
  • Payment Processing
  • Product Information Requests
  • Subscription Renewals
  • Prospecting
  • Campaign Management
  • Lead Generation And Fulfilment
  • Back to work mothers –specialist support Customer Acquisition
  • Internet Marketing Support
  • Email Management
  • Web Based Chat Support
  • Back Office Services
  • Data Processing Support