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1 Overview

A key part of any form of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is staying in touch with your customers. There are numerous methods to be able to get in touch: door to door, phone calls, sms and mms text messages, emails and letters. There are many approaches to be able to do these follow ups. The word campaign is used heavily in this area as a Campaign. A campaign can be defined as "To engage in an operation planned to achieve a certain goal" [1]

By the very definition a campaign usually has a limited time window of operation. It also has a goal and the measurement of this goal will be a measurement of the success of the campaign.

There are many types of campaigns

  • Data Cleaning
  • Upsell / Cross Sell
  • Surveys / Questionnaires
  • Business Development
  • Sales (Business-2-Business)
  • Follow up of Inbound Contact

The primary operational training on this area is available from the Contact Centre training document Contact_Centre_Training CC-2-3 Outbound contact management

2 Considerations

It is important to bear in mind, as a company, just contacting people isn't always allowed. The Commission for Communications Regulation of Ireland (ComReg) set very clear legal rules as to when it is ok and not ok to be contact customers. The Data Protection commissioner spells out what is safe to do and not to do regarding communications.

3 Planning your campaign

So if you have permission to contact your customers you decide on your method of contact. bxp software (bxp) can make the delivery of your program even easier.

To facilitate understanding an outbound campaign, lets build one.

3.1 The Contact List

This is the first step. A list of people or businesses to contact. Lists can come from a number of sources.

A sample one is available from and documented on Form_-_Create_from_Excel

3.2 The communications approach

With your list ready to contact you now choose how you are going to get in touch. If you have marketing permissions to group email or SMS bxp can help with that. The most common campaign approach we see is calling the customers.

In your list of data it can be handy to flag if you're going to Email, Phone, SMS or Post out to the customer.

For this example we're going to phone the customers.

At this stage: we have decided to use phone contact

3.3 Creating the form

It is really easy to create a form from an Excel spreadsheet or by building it from scratch.

At this stage: we have a form and it has been loaded with records to contact

3.4 Ownership Strategy

How you distribute the records is the next question. There are a number of options available. Form_-_Record_ownership_strategies

The simplest and quickest to set up for Outbound Campaign management is First Come First Served (FCFS)

To set up the work and begin processing the contacts you've loaded, please review Outbound_-_Queue_Management

At this stage: we have records queued up and ready to be contacted

3.5 Managing the Outcomes

The outcomes Form_-_What_is_an_Outcome provide the insight into how the campaign is going. Depending on the type of campaign being run outcomes usually include:

  • Sale
  • Not Interested
  • No Answer
  • Callback later

After extensive experience our base recommendation for outcomes to be considered for a sales campaign are:

  • Contact - Callback - Afternoon (Incomplete)
  • Contact - Callback - Evening (Incomplete)
  • Contact - Callback - Morning (Incomplete)
  • Contact - Callback - Personal (Incomplete)
  • Contact - Emergency escalation (Incomplete)
  • Contact - Not interested (Complete)
  • Contact - Sale (Complete)
  • No Contact - Disconnected tone (Complete)
  • No Contact - Flagged exception (Complete)
  • No Contact - No answer (Incomplete)
  • No Contact - No phone number (Complete)
  • No Contact - Voicemail (Incomplete)
  • No Contact - Wrong number (Complete)

At this stage: we have outcomes and enough feedback to launch the campaign

3.6 Finishing touches

There are a number of further considerations you may wish to include in your build.

  • Validate the spelling and logic of your form - to catch spelling mistakes and logic mistakes Form_Validation_Script
  • Email communication - to provide instant after call communication and reduce after call work Contact_Centre_Training "CC-1-5 Introduction to Form Outcomes"
  • SMS communication - to provide instant after call communication and reduce after call work Contact_Centre_Training "CC-1-5 Introduction to Form Outcomes"
  • Training documentation linking - to enable consistent delivery and explain how data should be filled in and what processes to use
  • System Integration - an outcome can push data in real time to other systems again reducing after call work and improving customer experience

3.7 Go Live

3.7.1 Security Access

In order for users to access the records in the form they need to be given access to the form.

Main Menu > System Access Management > Security - Content Access > Form - Multiple Add Users by Form > Choose the form > Tick the users to grant access to

Many of the Team and instant reporting requires the system to know a bit about the team and who is in it. This requires the organogram of your company to be set up. Organogram_with_Group_Profiling

Then you allocate your team to the Form

Main Menu > System Access Management > Security - Content Access > Form - Add Security Groups to Form > Choose the From and the Security Group and assign them' Choosing a parent branch such as everyone is ideal for smaller company structures.

3.7.2 Easier Access

To save the users from having to navigate the system, especially if they only have one campaign to work on, there is a handy interface modification known as a Start Here bar Interface_Bars_-_Start_Here

Find the Id of the form you built. Form_-_Finding_the_Form_Id

Using a standard BER8 Interface bar combination replace the X in the following with the Id of the form. 17,22,25,2,7,28-6-X,4,18,13,19,5,26

If the user has multiple campaigns to work on, set the X to 0

Copy this into all of the users accounts

Main Menu > System Access Management > System Management > Group User - Modify Details > Lookup all users >

  • From the top box choose "Interface Bars - Main"
  • In "Main Menu" just below paste in the numbers from above
  • Below select all the users to have their system updated

4 Reporting

There are numerous pre-built reports within bxp as well as customisable reports.

For an outbound, if the outcomes are set up correctly then customisable reports shouldn't be necessary.

For a full explanation of all reports available Contact_Centre_Training CC-1-4 Introduction to Contact Centre Reporting

4.1 Operational Reports

The first tool needed is the Stack Report as described above. Not only is it used to set the current working outcome but also provides a useful report to see where the records are.

Main Menu > Outbound Contact > Queue Management > Set Current Working Outcome > Choose your Form >

The next tool is to list off all the records that have not been put back into the stack properly i.e. the agent has taken the record but not provided an outcome.

Main Menu > Outbound Contact > My Team - Reports > My Team Out with agent Records > Choose your Form >

4.2 Data Reports

Retrieving all the data captured for a given period and exporting it to Excel is easily accomplished.

Main Menu > Data Profiling > Instant - Data > Data - Data - Report by Period, by Outcome > Choose the period and the form > Choose the outcomes to include > Choose the fields to include > Download the report

If you want a report where it only shows one customer, rather than one line for every interaction use the second report down in exactly the same way "Data - Data - Unique Data Records - Report by Period, by Outcome"

4.3 Statistics Reports

4.3.1 General Statistics

To get an instant count of outcomes by agent:

Main Menu > Data Profiling > Instant Statistics > Statistics - User - Report by Week > Choose the Week and the Form

4.3.2 Drill Down Statistics

There is a reporting type called Grouped Outcome reports which, when the outcomes are set up as desired, is a key reporting tool for any outbound campaign. Data_Profiling_-_Grouped_Outcome

4.4 Visualisation Reports

Examples of these are available from Data_Profiling_-_Instant_-_Visualisations

5 Summary

bxp software is the ideal for outbound campaign management capable of delivering an easy to use tool kit with extensive reporting and a speed to Go Live simply not possible in other systems.