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1 Executive Summary

Membership management can be handled by many tools with many varying levels of support. bxp provides a toolkit for all levels of management.

The biggest challenges All n One see with professional and semi-professional tools is an understanding of what the tool can do and how to make it work for your organisation. We can and do help all our clients understand their current requirements and help grow their future requirements.

2 Examples of clients using this solution

Association of Compliance Officers of Ireland The Construction IT Alliance Fingal Counselling Service Terenure College RFC Terenure Past Pupils Union

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3 Background

Most professional organisations have a core group of members. There are a number of tasks that are commonly required by various groups:

  • For Staff
    • Communications (Phone, email or SMS)
    • Membership management
    • Event management
    • Diary management
    • Website Content Management
    • Message Taking and Management

  • For Members
    • Website membership management (self-service)
    • Communications (Phone, email or SMS)
    • Payment processing for member services
    • Training / Professional documentation dissemination
    • Private Forum facilitation
    • Voting

  • For the Board
    • Communications (Phone, email or SMS)
    • Instant Reporting

There are many tools which provide these capabilities but combining them into a single unified solution can be a challenge and require a lot of technical expertise.

Many companies organically grow over time adopting a patchwork solution which enables them to provide these services but to greater and lesser extents.

Security, especially data security and complying with regulations becomes a timely and complicated technical task which no one internally really has time for but must for legal reasons ensure compliance is met.

Ideally having all the tools in a single secure interface which provides all the information, reports and management from a single source is:

  • More efficient, time wise, for staff, members and the board
  • More cost effective in terms of support and distributed systems
  • Gives a greater peace of mind, knowing there is a single version of the truth
  • Better for providing joined up reporting
  • Better for future proofing expansion and inclusion of new services
  • Better for security and ensure regulatory compliance

4 Keywords

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5 Modules involved

Icon Module Name Brief Description Module Detail Status RefId
006.png Communications Centre Manage the sending of SMS, plain text email, rich text email and mail merges all with audit reporting. Click Here Release 006
038.png Form Management The building, editing and operational management of database forms for numerous modules Click Here Release 038
061.png Data Profiling For all instant and customised reporting on all types of forms Click Here Release 061
009.png Inbound Contact For logging of all new records Click Here Release 009
012.png Outbound Contact For processing through pre-loaded records in a pure outbound or blended contact way Click Here Release 012
027.png Appointment Management Shared diary management with integration into all forms Click Here Release 027
047.png eCourse For accessing all eLearning materials in a Book, Chapter, Page format Click Here Release 047
048.png eCourse Management The building and management of all eLearning materials delivered through the eCourse module Click Here Release 048
060.png Survey Management For all delivery and recording of surveys Click Here Beta 060
055.png Voting Management For internal organisation voting and result collation and dissemination Click Here Release 055
029.png Front Desk Contact management module for tracking missed calls, leaving messages for people and extension of reception services. Click Here Release 029

6 Introduction

6.1 Getting started

The organisation will start with a list / database of members and some information about them. Quite commonly we would expect to see:

  • First name
  • Surname
  • Telephone
  • Mobile
  • Email
  • Address
  • Membership Type

This list will be in a physical book or list, Excel spreadsheet, Access Database or be spread out over a number of sources.

A project to get them all the data together into a single source is the first task.

To help this project, we adopt a project management approach called ADDIE. Click here for more info on ADDIE. ADDIE has five stages which we apply here.

6.2 Analysis

First thing to do is get all the data onto one computer to start. If the information is in a book then reviewing the book or making sure that information is going to be included is vital.

In bxp we build a form, with all the fields of information that are going to be required. Start_Here_-_Building_your_first_form

Even at this stage you will have a working prototype of your system so you can review it to ensure it captures all the key information.

The next step is to look at the operational processes you have an choose from a shopping list of requirements

A general rule of thumb for what analysis takes:

  • 2 hours (initial data capture meeting)
  • 8 hours of system documentation
  • 4 hours prototype build
  • 2 hour (prototype demonstration meeting)
  • 1 hour revisions
  • 1 hour update meeting

Total ( 18 hours )

At the end of this process a project plan with timing is developed to choose how best to progress. The All n One project team will put forward suggests incorporating every aspect of every tool you currently have to allow an informed decision be made.

We often find that this process helps our clients to realise and document actually what they do. All n One as part of the project will supply an operational document which will be refined through the course of the project but the initial document can serve as an operational manual.

6.2.1 Shopping List Website

  • Events
    • Pay for events
  • Member Information
    • Update details
    • Member self-service
    • Pay fees Office Systems

  • Database
    • Who has access
    • What do people need access to
    • Current office processes
      • Renewals
      • Fee payments
      • Event Management
    • Reports required
  • Office contact management Online Services

  • Training / Learning processes
  • Forum / Discussion management
  • Surveys
  • Voting Management

6.3 Design

Now that there is a decision on what is to be built a number of process can be applied to the design and building of the relevant process.

6.3.1 Linking to a website

Most customers will have a public website already. bxp will be linked to the website using the following processes Scenario_-_bxp_and_Website_Integration

Most important to understand is Session Management which enables self service solutions to be built.

The most time consuming aspect of the website integration is ensuring that you realise what sections, pages and services and where they all sit together on your website. All n One can help you manage your content development project.

6.4 Website Content Management Systems

If your website has a content management system such as WordPress, then you can use can review WordPress_Plugin

Content Management Systems usually come with Plug Ins. Plug Ins mean that you can turn on complicated functionality with minimal or no programming language. Most commonly used CMS solutions are written in a programming language called PHP. bxp can be integrated into modules for a development fee meaning that existing solutions can be enhanced without needing to be replaced. We have a number of integration examples with Gravity Forms, Scenario_-_bxp_as_a_secure_Website_Data_Store.

6.4.1 Branding

If you have existing branding this can be applied to the bxp interface. Primary_Interface_Options

If you are going to be sending branded emails from bxp then a specialised HTML email will have to be built to provide a basis for your template. If you have one already this can easily be reused. If you have a clear idea of what you'd like then All n One can develop the email for you. If you would like help, we have a number of partners that can provide this service. All_n_One_Partners_and_Suppliers

6.4.2 Payment processing

In order to take payments online there are a number of service providers you can turn to. One of the easiest to set up is Realex Payments, who cover not only an easy setup but will also ensure all data compliance and credit card protection laws are adhered to.

There are of course numerous other providers:

  • PayPal
  • euroconnex
  • Worldpay

6.5 Develop

With the providers decided, the content decided and the general functionality and capability decide, the process of building and documenting a starting point solution begins. This solution will encompass all your requirements and also result with definitive documentation being produced and supplied back.

This is usually an iterative process with the end users testing, commenting, reworking and retesting until the client is happy.

6.6 Implement

Implementation is the part of the process where we sit with users and help them as the system goes live. The general stages that are sought are

  • Formal system training ( 4 hours )
  • Documentation review ( 1 - 4 hour meeting )
  • Reporting review ( 1 - 2 hour meeting )
  • Sign off (0 hours)

6.7 Evaluate

The evaluation of the solution is how much all the stake holders get from the solution. There are a number of primary measurement metrics which can be used

  • Higher membership numbers
  • Higher membership fees
  • Enhanced member satisfaction gathered through surveys

All n One can help you calculate your metrics and provide tools to help you gather them.

7 Summary

Membership management is a complex and varied area. bxp provides a toolkit to wrap and adapt to all situations and All n One have the experience and skills to help you get where you want to go. Give us a call on +353 1 429 4000 or email today and let us help make your organisation run better.