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In Development

Article Area Description
bxp for Contact Centres Contact Centre Management Contact centres run many programs and face various situations. This document goes through the different types of programs and how bxp can help.
bxp as a Sales Pipeline Management tool Contact Centre Management bxp can be used as a Sales Pipeline management tool to rival any competitor. Find out how you can do everything better at a fraction of the cost.
bxp for calendar management Customer Relationship Management Centralised calendaring solutions can often lead to costly licensing solutions or having to compromise security. bxp shows you how to avoid both and greatly increase functionality.
bxp for CRM Customer Relationship Management CRM is a broad area and off the shelf solutions often aren't optimised for users. No compromise and enhance customer experience is what bxp brings.
bxp for learning and document centralisation eLearning bxp has a powerful documentation and learning distribution and management engine used by numerous existing clients.
bxp as a Learning Management System eLearning Moodle, and various other tools offer a variety of solutions. Find out how bxp is optimised for business learning and development needs.
bxp as a Knowledge Management Solution eLearning KMS solutions often don't provide the best tool for the job, but rather the tool they've built. Find out how to choose the best tool and how bxp can implement the solution easily.
bxp and Quality Assurance Programs for Government Bodies Quality Assurance Government and Unionised organisations face unique challenges in terms of quality assurance programs. bxp can
bxp as a Compliance Management solution Quality Assurance Compliance management requires all users from all areas operating to the same standards. The larger the organisation the bigger the challenge, the easier bxp makes the solution.
bxp and getting data accuracy to 100% Quality Assurance With money and time lost due to inaccuracy how can bxp save you that time and money with little to no effort.
bxp as a Project Management Toolkit Quality Assurance Projects are complex and multifaceted challenges. bxp provides tool kits to address all aspects of your project and its management.
bxp and Data Centralisation Strategies Systems Integration Customer-centric views of data become more and more important for data protection and record management. Find out how bxp can help your centralisation strategies.
bxp and Website Integration Systems Integration WordPress or custom websites can easily integrate with bxp to create custom solutions with incredible power.
bxp integration with Data Warehouses Systems Integration Data Warehouses are fast become the corner stone of modern business. Learn how bxp integrates with Data Warehouse and can provide the OLTP and ETL processes to make data warhousing life easier.