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1 Overview

Legacy technology proves a challenge as greater integration, faster interaction and increased functionality is required. bxp offers all these growth capabilities without the need to replace legacy solutions. Having been successfully implement by a number of blue chip companies the solutions speak for themselves and open a new lease of life on existing solutions.

2 Examples of clients using / have used this solution

Telefonica O2 eir Bank of Ireland

3 Situation starting position

These solutions start with a legacy solution. One of the most common is a the very reliable and still highly used AS400 solution from IBM. These produce the iconic black and green screens of data which work quickly but wouldn't be easily web enabled.

Wrapper 001.png

The challenge is that we have staff outside of head office who need to access the data but may have less than ideal security capability. e.g.

  • Home workers with non-static IP addresses
  • Mobile workers who are on mobile devices with limit power and technological capability
  • Temporary staff / Business Process Outsourcers who are being employed for a one off mass data cleaning project / program

So how do you securely facilitate these users?

4 Creating the link

bxp has a module called MetaData. This module allows the import, processing and output of many types of files, including "structured data files".

  1. You set the AS400 to generate a report / structured data file every 01:00
  2. The file is securely transferred from your secure environment through a secure medium such as sFTP into bxp's secure environment.
  3. bxp is scheduled to process the data file though MetaData at 01:20. MetaData_-_Overview

Approved users then access the data through bxp instead of the AS400

Wrapper 002.png

5 Returning updates

It is also possible then to get bxp to create an update delta file to return to the AS400 in a structured format file.

  1. bxp creates the file at 00:30
  2. The file is securely collected by the AS400 / external system from bxp's SFTP hosting site.
  3. The delta file is imported into the AS400

Now there is two way communication.

6 Processing statistics

The bxp solution is hosted on 1Gbps/1Gbps connectivity. 20Mbit/s is immediately available without exception.

Based on previous data loads of 1.2 million customer records

  • Database: 1.2 million customer records
  • File Size: 400+ Mb
  • Data transfer time: 6 minutes
  • Data processing time: 4 minutes

  • Lookup a record Timing (with precision searching and custom index): 0.59 seconds average

  • Delta file creation: 3 minutes
  • Data transfer time: 10 seconds
  • Data processing time: < 1 minute

Search time was 0.6 seconds based on numeric account number and precision searching. Precision_Searching

7 Extending capability

As bxp has an API it is possible to connect devices and services to bxp's API and have the data validated and securely returned to the AS400.

8 Next Steps

If there is a project you would like to discuss wrapping, why not give us a shout to see how we can help. Please call Nick on +353 1 429 4000 or email us at sales@bxpsoftware.come