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The BEAPI Wordpress plug in allows you to use bxp software through WordPress, to create a members area.

The members area will usually consist of two types of security pages. A login page and a member page. The login page will process a login. The member page, will validate that a user is logged in correctly then respond accordingly.

In order to use this functionality you will need a number of things in place first.

  1. A bxp software system, usually in the format client_x, where x is the name of your system. Examples herein use client_demo.
  2. A Campaign Database within that bxp software system in order to store member records
  3. A number of key fields with that campaign database. These must be username, password, sessionkey and IP address.
  4. A specially created user with security permission to access this campaign database. The user must also be configured to access only from your given server IP, for obvious security reasons.

With all these values in place, you will have enough configuration information to modify your local copy of fn_BEAPI_WordPress.php and enable bxp software on your WordPress site.

The BEAPI version 5 or greater, in section 3 contains all the configuration steps and modifications required for the setup outlined above, with step by step diagrams.

The latest API is available from here. Whitepapers