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1 Overview

Within bxp software (bxp), the Form structure is used the most extensively to deliver data storage for numerous modules.

As the structure is common to all types, there are a number of settings which are common to all types.

Advanced Settings provides access to the generic settings for all form types.

To get to the Advanced Settings Main Menu > Form Management > Form - Primary Management > Form - Advanced Settings > Choose your form >

advanced settings 001.png

2 Sections

2.1 Basic Details

Heading Description Link
Type Bxp_Form_Types
Name This is your name for the form

2.2 Access

Heading Description Link
Active This is a simple true / false to allow users to interact with the form. False overrides the date options above.
Available From The date and time when users will be able to interact with the form
Available Until The date and time when users will no longer be able to interact with the form
Cross User Lookup When set to True, a user can only interact with a record IF the CDA_StaffId is that of the user, or the user has an entry in the Contact History. Within Inbound Contact "My Data - Admin View", allows you to override this limitation.
Use Outcome security Outcome Security is turned on (true) or off (false) Form_-_Outcome_Access

2.3 Search

Heading Description Link
Record Move Next Bar This adds a bar at the top of the screen to allow easy navigation of records. This is ideal for testing but not suitable for most live production forms.
Enable Search Export Allows for search results page to be exported to a xls file
Search Screen Export Fields Alternate fields to be used in the search export. Fields seperated by ,'s
Precision Search Fields For more effective searching boolean matching can be employed. Listing the fields here, force boolean matching and can greatly speed up queries.

2.4 Advanced Options

Heading Description Link
Enable Integrated Warehousing Integrated Warehousing actives automatically but can be manually activated.
Use Workflow Outcome_-_Workflow
Contact History - Sort Order The is the sort order of how the contacts are presented in the Contact History window.
Page Header Replacement Can be used to put extra header HTML data directly into the script.
Keyword Replacement Allows engine keywords to be replaced as needed.
Report - All Campaigns Fields When cross campaign listings are employed, this allows the custom fields to be chosen.
In-Module Reporting Fields The columns displayed in the My and Team report data reports.
CCL Column Replacements When generating the reporting, the CCL column names can be replaced.

2.5 Case Management

Heading Description Link
Exception : Track Reopen
Exception : Time
Exception : Contacts
Service Level Agreement

2.6 Communications

Heading Description Link
Email From
SMS From

2.7 Dashboard Defaults

Heading Description Link
Dashboard - Contact Source When using the Dashboard - Contact Source report, this field is the field that is reported against.
Working Days This field is used to delimit what days are considered working days
Working Hours - Start This field sets what is considered the normal working start of the day
Working Hours - End This field sets what is considered the normal working end of the day
Non Working Days This field denotes days that should not be worked on
Sales Outcomes This field takes a comma separated list of outcomes which are considered "Sale"
Worklist - Category Field In various parts of bxp it is possible to generate an auto grid report of records which need to be reviewed. This self-generating worklist report needs to know which field contains the category for the Y axis of the report
Worklist - Status Field In various parts of bxp it is possible to generate an auto grid report of records which need to be reviewed. This self-generating worklist report needs to know which field contains the status for the X axis of the report

2.8 eCourse Prerequisites

Heading Description Link
eCourse Prerequisites enabled User Must complete an eCourse or a number of eCourse before accessing the form
eCourse Book Id eCourse Book Id's seperated by a ,

2.9 Dimensions

Heading Description Link
Info Button
Lookup Button
Max Weighting
Row Height

2.10 External

Heading Description Link
Externally Available When the form is to be made accessible through the bxp_API this value is to be set to Public. bxp_API By default all forms are Private.
Public Outcome When the form is used in a public way an outcome is automatically applied. This is the default outcome applied to public form record logging.
Enable Offline Usage This option allows a form to create an RSA encrypted snapshot of the data within the form. For more info Using_Forms_Offline
Allow External CCL file download Allow external download of CCL files

2.11 Inbox Elements

2.11.1 Inbox - Management

Heading Description Link
BEmail Account The mailbox to log into
Attachments as CCLs True means attachments will be stored in the CCL history
Notify on Receipt When an email is loaded into the system, should an email be sent?
Process as Outcome What outcome should each email be processed as?
Scheduling Enabled Auto retrieve emails periodically which is managed by bxp
Scheduling Refresh Rate The rate to check for new mails.

2.11.2 Inbox - Storage

Heading Description Link
DateTime field
From field
To field
CC field
Subject field
Body Field

2.11.3 Inbox - Content

Heading Description Link
Attempt matching? True will attempt to append to an existing record on a pattern
Field to match on Which field contains the code to match on
Match pattern What pattern is used for matching on? eg ###--ID--#
Content retrieval BEmail_Content_Retrieval
Content replacement BEmail_Content_Replacement

2.11.4 Inbox - SPAM

Heading Description Link
Filter SPAM? BEmail_SPAM_Management
SPAM Addresses BEmail_SPAM_Management
SPAM keywords BEmail_SPAM_Management
SPAM flag field BEmail_SPAM_Management
SPAM Outcome BEmail_SPAM_Management

2.11.5 Inbox - onArrival

Heading Description Link
Contact Match Enabled BEMail_onArrival_matching_engine
Company Match Enabled BEMail_onArrival_matching_engine
Owner Match Enabled BEMail_onArrival_matching_engine
Match Form Id BEMail_onArrival_matching_engine
Contact (Email) field BEMail_onArrival_matching_engine
Company field BEMail_onArrival_matching_engine
Owner field BEMail_onArrival_matching_engine
Contact Result field BEMail_onArrival_matching_engine
Company Result field BEMail_onArrival_matching_engine
Owner Result field BEMail_onArrival_matching_engine
Matching result field BEMail_onArrival_matching_engine

2.12 Instructions

Heading Description Link
Dial Out Instructions Please put an outbound dialling code here if applicable. This box is hidden if left blank.
Opening Instructions
Closing Instructions
Mail Merge Button Name When using mail merge on an outcome, what name appears on the button. If blank will default to Print Form
Lookup Instructions

2.13 JavaScript - onLoad

Heading Description Link
Opening code execution Used for logic branching and deterministic work based on loaded record values.
Lookup code execution Used for custom rules when using the lookup pages.
Additional Libraries Used to dynamically include JavaScript Libraries if the campaign needs them.

2.14 JavaScript - Options

Heading Description Link
Enable jQuery Includes the bxp jQuery libraries on the page
Department User Functions Creates JavaScript in the background to allow for User / Department limitations.
Autobuild Logic hide flow based on Question Sequence. (Horizontal Delivery)
Self Generating Logic Create the show / hide flow based on Question Sequence. (Vertical Delivery)
WasIs Engine Enabled Turn the WasIs form logging engine on
WasIs Engine Output Format -

2.15 Media Management

Heading Description Link
Use Media Code Field Displays the list of static media codes on screen.
Force Media Code Selection Do not allow the record to be stored UNLESS a media code is selected.
Show Media Schedule The media schedule appears at the bottom of a logging screen showing the upcoming Scheduled ads.
Time : History The number of minutes in the past to show ads. Leave 20 mins here to show ads that have just aired.
Time : Upcoming The number of minutes into the future to show scheduled ads.

2.16 Queue Communications

Heading Description Link
Queue Comms Enabled Enable Queue Comms engine Outbound_-_Queue_Communications
Queue Comms Outcomes Limit the outcomes available. If blank all outcomes displayed.
Queue Comms Arrival Outcomes If a record comes in through the API, and matches, comms triggered.

2.17 Quota Management

Heading Description Link
Outcome Quota_Management
Quantity The number of records of the above Outcome, at which the limit will be reached.

2.18 Realex Credit Card and Direct Debit Details

Heading Description Link
Merchant Id Realex Merchant Id. Realex_Outcomes
Secret Realex Secret.
Account Id Realex Account Id.
Currency Default currency.

2.19 Scheduled Data Protection

Heading Description Link
Scheduled Data Protection Enabled Please select if you wnat to enable the scheduled data protection functionality Form_-_Data_Protection_-_Scheduled
Scheduled Frequency Select the frequency that the process is executed
Time of execution Select the time of day for execution
Fields to wipe Specify the fields that are to be wiped separated by a comma i.e strCDA_41_field_0_1,strCDA_41_field_0_2
Time frame to execute on Select the time frame to execute the data protection process on. Records that have not been interacted with in the given time frame.
Data dump encryption password Set the password for the encrypted file
Send notification email Enable a summary notification email
Email notification recipient list Set the email notification list

2.20 Survey

Heading Description Link
Layout The survey can be displayed vertically or horizontally.
Template The external colour template to display the survey in.
Horizontal - Show Progress When delivering one question per page, show progress.
Horizontal - Show Effort When delivering one question per page, show effort for question.
Short Code The short code to add to the URL for sending externally.
Contact Block The fields in the contact block.

2.21 Time Zone

Heading Description Link
Time Zone Time zone of the campaign
Show Time in Zone Display the time zone.
Show Time Zone Display the time zone in the time box.

2.22 bxp_API XML Arrival Management

Heading Description Link
External Reference Code When interacting with a phone system this field allows a form to respond to something different than the Id or Name of the form. In code is referred to as the campaign_code. Used when integrating bxp with other systems Scenario_-_bxp_Integration_with_a_Phone_System
Email notifications to Used when integrating BE with other systems
Parameters On error email notifications to
Server to deliver to Server to deliver XML Post to
XML data structure XML structure for replacement and delivery. -- notation for parameter replacement.
HTTP Post Headers The HTTP Post Headers. Separate items using [ [ X ] ] and item and value using [ [ Y ] ] e.g. header [ [ Y ] ] value [ [ X ] ]
Test All This is a quick tool which generates the testing email on all sends.

2.23 bxp_API XML File Options

Heading Description Link
Data Loading Format Select the SFTP server from which to pull the files.
Data SFTP Account Select the SFTP Account from which to retrieve the files
Data Leave Original Delete the file from the origin server
Data Load Notification Email addresses, separated by commas, of those to receive notifications on this process being used.

2.24 bxp_API XML Processing Options

Heading Description Link
Load / Append Should all records be loaded as new or should matching be done for appending.
Loading ID Field If Appending, what field to match on?
Contact Log Add a contact record to the history.
XML Element When loading an XML file what is the name the record elements.

2.25 Revenue Engine

This section it's fields and options are full explained here [[Form_-_Revenue_Engine]

2.26 Owner Only

This section is fully described here Form_-_OwnerOnly

2.27 Quick Link Buttons

This section is fully described here Form_-_Quick_Link_Buttons

2.28 Phonovation

Coming soon.

2.29 Listing

This feature is fully detailed here Form_-_Advanced_Settings_-_Listing