BEmail SPAM Management

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1 Overview

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BEmail allows emails to be read into a bxp form. As the emails arrive a number of processes can be applied to the emails. One of these processes is the bxp SPAM filter.

The SPAM filter is applied before all other matching processes are performed.

The SPAM filter has two sources. A general system set of data sources and a form specific set of sources.

When a SPAM email is found a field in the form can be set to "True" for SPAM and "False" for legitimate emails. An outcome is also applied to ensure the email is removed from the working email queue.

2 System Settings

Main Menu > System Access Management > System Management > System Settings > Form - BEMail SPAM

Any values put into these boxes, separated by commas, will be used in every form that performs SPAM filtering. Addresses will be checked against the From address and keywords will be checked for in the subject and in the body of the email.

3 Form Settings

3.1 Filter SPAM ?

A true / false flag which turns the engine on / off.

3.2 SPAM addresses

A list of email addresses separated by commas. If the from email address is in the spam list, the email will be instantly flagged as spam.

3.3 SPAM keywords

A list of key words separated by commas. If any part of the word is matched in the subject or body of the email the email will be flagged as spam. Consider the word "ass", meaning donkey. If used as a flag, brass and class will both flag as spam.

If you need to include the comma character as part of the spam identifier you can use COMMA to have it included in your string.

3.4 SPAM flag field

This is the field in the form that contains the true / false location. If not supplied the flag is not set.

3.5 SPAM outcome

This is the outcome to be processed when a spam email is detected.