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1 Overview

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bxp has the ability to retrieve emails from an Inbox and log them straight into a form as a CDA record. BEmail_(_Email-2-Campaign_)

As part of this process it is possible to extend the functionality to perform additional intelligent matching and automatic classification of inbound emails.

2 Setup

2.1 Homework

The setup is a two stage process after you have done some homework.

To make the most of onArrival, you'll need two forms and a BEmail account. One called Company and one called Contact. Company contains records for a company. Contacts is linked to the Company form based on Campaign-Search field. So one company can have many contacts.

You may have one or more of the following elements already built:

  • Create a company form, with one field "Company Name"
    • Do the field mapping of the form
    • Set the search fields of the form to be Company Name
  • Create a contact form
    • Add name as a field
    • Add email as a field
    • Add a Campaign-Search and link it to the Company form
    • Add a Staff List question to the form and call it Owner
    • Do the field mapping of the form
    • Set the search fields of the form
  • Add a record to the Company form
  • Add a record to the Contact form
    • Set the email address to be one you can test from, i.e. your email address
    • Set the owner of the Contact to be your login account
    • Link the Contact to the Company using the Campaign-Search field.
  • Create a mail retrieval form
    • Add a BEmail question type
    • Add a Campaign-Search to link to the Company form
    • Add a Contact-Search to link to the Contact form
    • Add a Staff List to link to the Owner
    • Add a text box to store the result of the matching
    • Do the field mapping of the form
    • Set the search fields of the form
  • Create a BEmail account in SAM
  • Link your new form to this BEmail account
  • Follow the two stages below
  • Send an email to the BEmail account
  • Retrieve the email into the form

2.2 Stage 1

There are three flags available to the onArrival matching engine.

  • Match contact
  • Match owner
  • Match company

Turn them on.

Using the email address of the sender matches can be made:

  • "Match contact" is to match the email to a contact. In a separate form a complete list of contacts can be held. One of the fields being an email address. (The email address in the Contact form)
  • "Match owner" will attempt to look up the field that contains the email address and attempt a match. (The owner field in the Contact form)
  • "Match company" will attempt to use a Campaign-Search or Campaign-Listing field to see which Company a contact is associated with. (The Company campaign-search field in the Contact form)

In order to do the look up the engine needs to check a different form. This is the "Match Form Id" field. Set the Id of the form to look the data up in. (The Id of the Contact form)

2.3 Stage 2

Now the fields

  • Contact (Email) field
  • Company field
  • Owner field

will be populated with options from the form Id you specified in Stage 1. (The fields in the Contact form)

Within that form, the email address field is identified as "Contact (Email) Field". This field should contain the proper email address of the contact.

Two other fields for each contact can also be specified.

  • Each contact can have a link to a Companies form. i.e. this person is associate with this company
  • Also a staff drop down list to signify the "owner" of this contact can be specified

3 Result

So now the engine can do a look up on the email address and link it with a person, a company and a primary owner who works in the business.

With these lookups complete the engine needs to know which fields in the current form to store the results in which gives rise to :

  • Contact Result field : Will store the Id from the Contacts form intCDA_X_Id
  • Company Result field : Will store the Id from the Companies form
  • Owner Result field : Will store the user id from the bxp system who is responsible for these emails

Finally as the look ups are done there are a number of potential set outcomes to the matching process.

  1. No contact found
  2. Contact found, Company not found
  3. Contact found, Owner not found
  4. Contact found, company and Owner not found
  5. Contact and Company found, Owner not found
  6. Contact and Owner found, Company not found
  7. Contact found
  8. Contact and Company found
  9. Contact and Owner found
  10. Contact, Company and Owner found
  11. Identified as spam, search not performed

The results of these attempts are stored in "Matching result field"

If you have any challenges please contact for further help.