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1 Overview

bxp outcomes have the ability to transfer details to Realex in real time.

Any outcome can have this ability enabled.

This article outlines how to set up a payment process to Realex

2 Setup Process

2.1 Step 1 - Enter the Realex account details

Main Menu > Database Management > Database – Primary Management > Campaign – Edit > Choose the campaign > Open the section called “Realex Credit Card and Direct Debit Details”

  • Merchant Id: Supplied by Realex
  • Secret: Supplied by Realex and yes it is very case sensitive
  • Account Id: Usually this is the subaccount name you create with Realex to identify the campaign the payments come from.
  • Currency: The default currency to use if none is specifically specified during the transaction

Don't forget to go to the bottom of the page and click "Update Campaign"

2.2 Step 2 - Add the fields to the the script

In order to process a transaction, there need to be a few fields dedicated to the task in the script.

To save you time and effort there is a complex block type called "Complex - Credit Card Block". This provides the fields

  • Card Type
  • Card Number
  • Expiry Month / Expiry Year
  • Name as it appears on the card
  • Security Number (CCV CVC)

Again for convenience there is also a "Complex - Currency & Amount" type. This provides

  • Currency
  • Amount

You don't have to use the complex types but they do save a lot of hassle in setting up the details.

You will also need a an "Order Id" field. Which is your reference code into Realex for the transaction And an "Auth Code" field. This field provides the authorisation code that comes back from Realex when the transaction goes through.

Quite a lot of details but with the addition of 4 questions you have all the fields you need.

2.3 Step 3 - Configure the outcome

An outcome will need to be enabled to do the processing. You can add an outcome, or add the functionality to existing outcome using edit.

Main Menu > Database Management > Database – Outcome Manager > Edit an Outcome > Choose the campaign > Choose the outcome that should do the processing > Open the section called Instant Transfer – Realex Payments

In here you need to set up the fields:

  • Process to Realex : Yes
  • Authorisation Code : The field you added for authorisation
  • Credit Card Block : The first field of the Credit Card complex block for the credit card usually "strCDA_X_field_0_Y - Card Type"
  • Direct Debit Block : The first field of a Direct Debit complex block if used. Most times this field will be left blank.
  • Currency Field : Whatever field contains the Currency. Must be a 3 letter code.
  • Amount : The field that contains the amount to be charged.
  • Order Field : The field that contains your unique order number for Realex to store.
  • Order Format : BE can generate Order Ids IF you don't have a system. This box contains the format. There are a number of potential formats and implemenations possible. These will be documented here soon. Most times this field will be left blank.
  • Wipe Fields : Once the order has been processed successfully, the credit card details will be wiped automatically. However if there are any other additional fields you need blanked, they can be specified here. Most times this field will be left blank.
  • Modify fields : If you need to modify fields after the transaction completes successfully, you can specifiy the field and the type of modification here. These will be documented here soon. Most times this field will be left blank.

Once done, down to the bottom and click "Edit Outcome".

This means that when this outcome is used, the details will be sent to Realex for processing.