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1 Overview

One of the abilities of Forms from bxp Release 10 SER 2 is to display forms visually. This is done using the Listing section of the Advanced Settings of a form.

When visually listing forms there are a number of configuration options available. The default system listing is alphabetical but the visual listing can be heavily customised.

2 Settings

  • Group : A text field to group options. This allows grouping options to be created. If blank all go into a General Group.
  • Sort Order : Instead of depending on alphabetical ordering of the forms, it is now possible to put a sort order on the forms.
  • Title : The title for the listing item. Will use the From Name if not supplied.
  • Image : Is one of two options, a number or a URL. If a URL then the file must be loaded into the custom folder of bxp for security and speed reasons. Custom_File_Uploader If you use a number you will get one of the pre-designed button options. These are listed here for your convenience.

It is possible to convert any current data listing into the pictoral listing by adding blPictoral=true to the URL of the selection page.

formicons 001.png

3 Worked example

So here is the Advanced Settings of a form set

form listing 001.png

And here is what it appears like in the Listing of the forms.

form listing 002.png