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Company Details - About All n One About_All_n_One
Core Values All_n_One_-_Core_Values
Meet the Team Meet_the_Team
All n One Structure - Departments All_n_One_Departments

2 History

All n One was formed in 2005 by Nick Wheeler, Chris Thomson and Philip Lacey.

Philip presented to Nick and Chris an idea for a toolkit that would greatly enhance contact centre operations and could be very profitable. Nick and Chris were looking at getting into the outsourcing business utilising the site at the custom built facility at 48 / 49 Western Parkway Business Park, Lower Ballymount Road, Dublin 12, D12 DK49. Bxp_-_Ballymount_Security

From 2005 to 2008, All n One ran and operated a contact centre using Business Express (BeX) which has now become bxp software. What_is_bxp

The software completed its alpha and beta release cycles and was first sold externally to the Response Interaction Centre and Conduit in October 2008. Since then, there have been numerous update releases. Release_History

In 2008, Business Express was entered in the Contact Centre Management Association awards and won "Best New Product or Service in the Contact Centre Industry" award. Since then it has gone on to numerous accolades. Release_History#Award_History

Since 2006, All n One have tried to give back to education and giving people opportunities in life to learn and grow. We have operated a successful internship program which has given great starts to people in education and we continue to do so. All_n_One_-_Internships

In early 2012, Carolann Diskin joined the team as a dedicated Business Express staff member, joined soon after later that year by Daniel Coughlan and Patrick Jenkins. Since then the team has been ever growing. Meet_the_Team

All n One are proud to be good corporate citizens and have diligently contributed to the Irish economy. All_n_One_-_Tax_Clearance_Certificate

3 Structure

All n One internally, like bxp, is modularised. Each department is responsible for different aspects of the business. All_n_One_Departments

It is impossible to build and grow a company without help. All n One are lucky enough to have great partners to work with and reliable suppliers All_n_One_Partners_and_Suppliers

Security is an enormous part of everything we do, from our infrastructures All_n_One_Infrastructures through our procedures Bxp_-_Ballymount_Security and our maintenance All_n_One_Office_Machine_Scheduled_Security_Checks

All of our code is developed in house How_bxp_is_developed. Where appropriate we use different tools and third party solutions to help us deliver amazing code. Web_Development_Tools

4 Pride

We are very proud of our people, our ethos and our products.

Our core values are the principle tenants through which we operate. All_n_One_-_Core_Values

The social engineering that went into error management is a source of pride and fun for us. Why not Meet_the_Hamsters

Over the last decade we have had some sayings and phrases that have amused and made us scratch our own heads. We don't mind sharing The_Interesting_Lexicon_of_All_n_One

5 Getting in touch

We are always open to a chat, so give us a call on + 353 1 429 4000

We love a challenge and get excited in solving problems. The expression think tank seems a bit slow for us, we're more of a Think Lamborghini.

So please give us a challenge and let us blow you away with our answers. support@allnone.ie is our mailbox where you can also give us a shout.

6 Primary Company Details

Primary Address: 48 / 49 Western Parkway Business Park, Lower Ballymount Road, Dublin 12, Ireland

Company Registration Number: IE 400703

Dun and Bradstreet Number: 89-603-8408

VAT Number: IE 6420703G